Saturday, July 4, 2009

A Little Levity......

In the midst of some trying days, the Lord graciously gives us the blessing of laughing at ourselves! I thought it would do us all good to share a few of those moments.

The other morning while I was reading my Bible in the blue chair and the kids were getting ready to head out to some blessed soul's house to be watched for the day, this scene transpired:

Isaac: Dad, Caleb called you a bad name.

Dad: What did he call me?

Isaac: He called you "Monkey Man."

(Instantaneously I pull the Bible up to cover my face and out loud ask the Lord to "Pleeese help me not to laugh..")

Caleb appears...

Dad: Um, Son, did you call me a name??

(Caleb denies the treacherous deed once, recants and then nods accepting disapproval. I am still reading Proverbs VERY closely.....every once in a while peeking out behind the pages... Now I have to note here that this is where Joel and I's tactical procedures differ. I do not reason. I discipline. Joel reasons and yes his way is better and yes he has a boatload of patience.)

Dad: Son, what did you call me?

Caleb: Mmmmmonkey Mmmman.

(Snickering from Proverbs......)

Dad: Son, we don't call anyone names......especially adults. It is disrespectful. Do you understand that???

Caleb: (nod)

Dad: Besides Son, do you understand that if I am a Monkey Man then that makes YOU the SON of a Monkey Man????

(A look of total misunderstanding from Caleb, and uncontrollable shaking and giggling from Proverbs.........." Sorry," I say........ "I can't help it!")

There are also some stories which I dare not share to protect the Men viewers. But I will tell you that since Alayna is at the hospital and I am at home, and since I have a pump at home, I HAVE been quite the spectacle and have even been looked on to share some similarities with members of the Cow family........and if you read this blog often you KNOW that totally breaks Royalty house rules......."NEVER describe Mom using any animal characteristics." Oh well..... Some of the kids really believe that Mom goes to the hospital to "milk" the baby. Hmmmm.

Well here a little levity, sure leviteth the whole bunch.

And yes, I know that isn't really scripture.


  1. I remember shortly after Stephanie was born and she had had a NICU stay so I had done some pumping myself, that I took my K5 class to the rodeo where I saw a demonstration of them milking the cow and I was feeling ALOT of similiarities. :) Scott always said when he saw me hooked up to a pump, "They don't prepare you for this scene in all the pre-marriage counseling!" Oh, well. At least you are not the size of a cow. I, on the other hand, well.... Have a great day!

  2. Thanks for sharing....I laughed and totally can see why you would need to try not to! It is the little things as such this that remind me how great of a blessing my two children are to me as well. They keep "sanity" in the family;) I am so glad to hear you are doing better. We are continuing to pray for God to give you the strength that you need and to bring baby Alayna home soon. Love you guys!