Tuesday, June 5, 2012

I left my heart in.......... New York

Hello everyone!

I hope that your Spummer (Spring almost Summer :-) is off to a great start. I have had trips that have taken me to Amish Country,Michigan, and twice to New York and think that I left my heart there that last trip.

Actually I split my heart in two and left it there.

New York that is.

I had the wonderful privilege of attending a Ladies Meeting with two of the greatest besties anyone could hope for.

I drove three hours to meet them and literally picked one off the ground when I hugged them at first sight. Yeah, I love them that much.

Then we hopped in the van where we were given bags that had our initials on them and goodies in them. We sat on the front bench seat because one (which will remain anonymous) has motion sickness issues.

She even brought her own *ahem* barf bag.

Yeah, she's cute like that.

And yeah, I made sure she was on my FAR left.

We were just about sitting on top of all of my craft items that I just had to bring and set up at the free craft bazaar at the Ladies Meeting, and we were almost too squished to enjoy a three hour drive, but we loved every minute of it.

We giggled how our bags made us all feel like we were holding our new school supplies and excited for the first day of school.

The first day of a new school year with your two dear friends.

I had driven as fast as I could to get to them and now that they were right beside me, I felt like I could just die and head directly to heaven. Do not pass "Go" do not collect "200 dollars."

We smiled and hugged and laughed and shared and just LOVED being together.

And in the middle of someone talking I secretly wondered how on earth I had found them, why they loved me and accepted me like they do, and hoped beyond all hope that they would never realize how unlucky they are to have me tag along with them.

And I cried.

I cried because in one years time they have loved me closer to the feet of the Lord than I have ever been.

I cried because the love I have for them just humbles me and reminds me of how if it were not for Christ and his gift to me, this love would not even be known.

I cried because I have moved and these times are too short and too few and far between.

And we spent the night laughing together. That is until when we all went to pray before sleep and I decided to sleep first. :)

We laughed about that too, but you know, I of all people NEVER just FALL asleep. I have never fallen asleep in the middle of something no matter how tired. I am usually up  most of the night especially in a strange place. When I returned home and told Joel what I had happen, he was even in disbelief.

And since that time, I have had time to think about that very moment. I firmly believe that I was so at peace, so contented, so loved and relaxed in sweet friendship that I believe that the Lord allowed me that. It sounds funny I know, but to me it was precious. To be so at ease with these two to feel beyond at home. To feel completely at peace.

And that was just another glimpse of the Lord himself to me. Through them.

And the hours passed and we found ourselves singing together, side by side.

It.was.precious to me.

So precious that I took out my ipod and held it on my lap and recorded us singing.

I just wanted to capture that moment, our voices blending, praising God together.

We ate together and shared hard things, and cried some more, because life is good, but hard and looked into each other's eyes spiritually leaning on the other and reminding ourselves that everything we are going through WILL be redeemed by God.

We cannot fix it, but He will, and is, and will continue to.

The conference ended and I packed my pumpkin butter and headed home with my friends again by my side.

And a wonderful thing happened.

A sweet woman in the van decided to open her heart a bit and let us see how she was struggling.

And with a look at each other, the three of us rallied around her and loved her to the feet of the Lord himself.

It was tag-team exhortation and it was us and God was using us and it was wonderful.

And one quoted this, and another this Biblical principle, and another held her hand and kissed it.

And THIS is why I love them.

Why I cry just typing this, why I still miss them deeply, why I count the days until I see their face again, why they provoke me to godliness and honor and holiness and love.

And we ended the trip huddled together, me crying on a shoulder and each of us in a "you will have to pull us apart" group hug.

But we did part, and I was greeted with the largest coffee someone has ever treated me to, hugged and kissed the cheeks of my bosom friends and got in my car to head another 3 hours home.

But before I did, I left a bit of myself behind.

And think of Jonathan and David.

I think of how they met for the last time.

How they wept over one another.

I marvel at the fact that they didn't have email to secretly keep in touch, or cell phones or Hey wire or even face time to see the smile lines and hear that laugh that makes you laugh each time you hear it.


And I will love these ladies, pray for them, and enjoy them until the Lord takes us all home.

And I pray friends like them for each and every one of you.