Saturday, June 5, 2010

Can I pick your brain beginning with your forehead dear?

I am having one of those forehead-to-forehead moments with my husband as he tells me that he is almost done outside, (Oh perchance did I mention that I am on the inside of the house and HE is on the outside?? Thanks to new windows a few years back we can actually OPEN the windows... I digress..) and I am somehow hoping beyond all hope that as we stand (well he stands and I sit) here with 5 of the six tugging on me and hanging out the window, that one: No one sees us and begins to recite "The Old Woman Who Lived in a Shoe," and two: that some how via osmosis all of the patience that Joel has just sitting in his big toe doing him no good at all finds me, envelopes me and makes me just hear the cries of our brood and just smile.

Wow that should so go down in the Guiness book of World records for the longest run on sentence.

And yes I MEAN forehead-to-forehead. I love it. It secretly means between the two of us that the world is still going to rotate whether we find something for Sunday dinner or not, that kids, loving them, teaching them, correcting them may not FEEL worthwhile at THIS moment, but by golly it IS. It means that we are still in love, best friends can tell each other secrets and have that wonderful "safe spot" to leave everything knowing the other will sift the wheat from the chaff and take what is worth keeping and throw the rest to the wind, chalking it up to a

Forehead-to-forehead we are not ashamed for our kids to see our "reconnecting" moment.

This is my beloved and this is my friend.

And this is all the "life processing" that goes on in a single 3 minute forehead-to-forehead moment between a sweet man who has been a 32 - 32 for I think way too long, and a frazzled Mom.

Carry on friends, carry on.