Thursday, July 23, 2009

Laughter IS the best medicine!

Hello all! Just a quick note before I head out the door to give you a laugh. These are some of the hilarious things that are goin' on here on Haywood:

1. Nathan asks to be "executed" from the table after dinner. No comment necessary.

2. Joel sincerely prays over dinner that,"Alayna would not come home from the hospital with a paddle..." ????? We think he meant "monitor." Actually this might be a great idea! Forget the personalized blankets, get me a personalized paddle to take home!

3. Pumping pumping and more pumping!!! The only thing more frustrating than pumping itself is keeping the attachments clean. Well.....yesterday I was having trouble with one of the attachments and after thorough examination Joel splattered me with milk :-( and found a tiny piece of zucchini, yes you heard me right, zucchini (I made bread ) in the filter! We are still laughing about this one!!!! Hey I am a firm believer that you are never too early to start adding veggies to your diet!

4. One of the kids (I will leave their name out to protect the.....innocent???? Hmm maybe not the word I want to use to describe them..) STILL pokes my belly and asks if the baby is in there! C'mon now give me a few more weeks...I'm workin on it!

5. Another one of my kids bit the other an hour before we take them both to the doctors for check-ups. If you are like-minded you can see that this can cause a few problems....... One, we usually bite that child (gently mind you, but a bite) to teach them not to bite. Yeah I can see that now......."Mrs. Royalty your child has an adult bite mark on their arm........" Not soo good. And you don't want to spank them to leave a nice red mark on their bottom, so you look at them with the, " I cannot discipline you, you sneaky, do this before a doctor's visit little thing you!!!"

There you go have a few laughs at our expense....after all laughter is the best medicine!


  1. Hehehehe!! Deena, those are hilarious little "happenings"! I have to say, I don't think you ever have a dull moment in your house!


  2. You're making me miss my kids! Most of the time when they do something wrong (and Josh is home to take care of it) I'm sitting in the background willing myself not to laugh hysterically. I love the "personalized paddle" idea, and we do the same thing to teach them not to bite. Despite the many people who tell me, "Not only is that mean, it doesn't work," it DOES work. Just ask my kids. ;~D

  3. Deena, just read your blog. I found out about it from my sister-in-law. I had no idea about the baby. i will try to call soon . I think and pray for you often.
    Karin Corey