Saturday, April 4, 2009

Hello all, we are still alive!

I have debated writing for a few days, telling myself I will get all my thoughts together to get something whitty out into the blogisphere, but I just had to sit right now, and let you all know we are still alive and haven't forgotten about you!

The blue chair is still in use these days, though now frequently I need to have someone's assistance to help me put my feet up or get me out of it! The belly is getting more and more prominent and so are new words that I somehow keep coming up, and caramely. Yes you had to know that they would be words involving food.....hello this is ME. Deena-sims in full swing here.

Today at breakfast my 8 year old told me that my legs looked like his Great Grandmothers. (Did I ever mention I struggle with vericose veins...? I prefer to call them "very close" veins tho.) My Husband who is not usually the quickest with a reply, came to my rescue. He looked him square in the face and told him, "Those would not be there if you weren't here." My son was a wee bit slow catching the whole "drift" of the conversation, so while he was in mid-sentence asking if I had "some sort of disease," I replied, "Yes I think I have 5 little diseases!" No worries, he prayed for my veins at breakfast and all was forgotten.............UNTIL he waxed eloquent yet again much to my shagrin. While feeding Anna a concocsion of cream of wheat, butter, sugar and believe it or not chocolate chips that Joel made.......which was de-lish, the great 8 year old told me that he "didn't mean to be mean," WHOA a BAD START, " But from the side my nose looked like an elf nose." I was glad there were several dinning room table lengtheners to make my reaching him impossible. AND I was glad his birthday was months away yet. So you see, we are just keepin on here on Haywood.

Lately I am just overwhelmed at all of the sickness and sadness going around. This one has a baby in the hospital with terrible heart rhythms, this one has a brain bleed, this one may not come home from the hospital, and this one cannot even walk anymore and take care of her responsibilities. I.Am.Overwhelmed. I keep bringing it to the Lord as if I were delivering a letter, and instead of leaving it with Him and going on about my daily life, I stand there, right in front of Him and ask Him every 5 minutes if He read my letter yet, and did He get all of it. He knows, I just want to hear HIM tell me that He knows. But these are not my burdens to bear, they are HIS. He need not explain the in's and out's of other people's sufferings and what fruits will remain from them. I am called on simply to pray to Him for THEM. And I am. And you KNOW He has reminded me several several times of my New Year's resolution to look forward to heaven and rejoice with those who's course has been completed and join Him there. I think this is harder than limiting chocolate. Now caramel, that may be another story altogether.

I just got this weird nervous feeling remembering that my Mom reads all my posts. Not that I would change anything or anything, just was thinking of it. So, Hi Mom.

Anywhoo, I am also amazed at the wonderful feeling that comes over you on a Sat. evening when the laundry is done, the mandarin orange jello is in the fridge, the chicken is tenderized and ready to be cooked, and the dishes are done. I survived another day. The hoolagins are asleep, or faking, either way I am happy, and my husband comes home from prayer meeting looking at me like I have just kept the titanic afloat. Wonderful. And of course I soak it in for a little while, and for a little while I AM SUPERMOM. Then someone appears from the bed catacombs and needs a "Dink a water."

How are you all? Leave me a comment and let me know. YES I have been trapped inside too long! And when you have cravings for KFC and those cute little butter cookies shaped like flowers with a hole in the middle so you can stack them on your pinky......that isn't such a good thing.



  1. Missed you! Glad you're back. :)

  2. You are toooooo funny!:o)) I really enjoy reading your "musings". (Hope I spelled that right!) When are you coming to visit?:o)

  3. We are great here, Deena. Good to hear from you. We miss you guys. I saw Joel just a few days ago and he was a huge help to us. Rebekah's baby-belly is becoming more "out there" and she wore a new maternity dress yesterday and popped a button on it! So on the way to church I was driving and she was sewing! Good times...we love y'all.

  4. Deena,

    Thanks for the doses of inspiration and encouragement. I too know of many who are sick and/or suffering and I have been fervently praying and asking "Lord, can you hear me?" You continue to remind me that the little things in life really are the big things.