Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Nathan at the Library

Our library has, hands-down, the COOLEST puppet selection, as you will soon see. What makes this post soo humorous for us is that it stars Nasey, whom apparently has decided that his various brothers and sisters have enough levity for everyone, and hence has become quite the serious guy. No matter how hilarious these puppets get he is stalwart to the end!

And we begin with a pig...

Anna getting in on the action, but not knowing where she was supposed to look or where the pig was supposed to look for that matter.

The Praying Mantis..

Ooo look quick, we got some hand motions goin and what seems to be emotion...

A very non-chalant Wooly Mammoth..

Dolphin, and what we think is him holding his breath?



And Terridactal....(ok excuse the lack of spelling!)



Small white rodent...

Still stoic with the Bald Eagle..

Ok now how can you not laugh at this one? Even the Gargoyle appears to be grinning. Want some help? Right before this picture, older wiser and much more mature brother Caleb explained to Nathan that you put your "hand in his behind." Enough said.

And the mess that followed. A good time was had by all......well at least we think Nathan had a good time! :)

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  1. What a sweetheart! They each have such distinct personalities for sure. I love how God puts so many different personality combinations in large families!