Saturday, April 25, 2009

Update on some Soul Spring Cleaning!

I am amazed, just amazed at how the Lord has been at work since I began the arduous, painful task of cleaning out my spirit of things that should have been taken care of a l....o.....n......g time ago. Shame on me.

Well.....This CD of sermons that I told you about? I thought of a friend goin on a long road trip, told her they had seriously changed me and asked if she wanted it to listen to them on her trip. "Sure," she said. A few days later, when in a church service after her return, I asked her how she liked the messages, adding a quick........"Boy I had to make some phone calls after the first one!" She smiled. She looked at me with the most sincere expression and told me, well I need to make some as well......and I need to talk to YOU.

WOW! Me? Here she had ought against me just like I had ought against someone else and had to get it right. We talked openly, and knowing how hard my phone call was to make, tried incessantly to make her confrontation with me easy and loving.

See how God works????? :-) And now another woman in our church hearing of what had happened to us wants to hear the message also! This could REALLY get interesting!!!!!

And just as with any cleaning, when you think you are done and all is whitewashed, there is always a "junk drawer" you forgot about in some corner of some dresser in a room you had almost forgotten about.........

While getting ready for Ladies soul winning Friday the Lord again spoke to my heart telling me I still had some cleaning to do. I sighed. I frowned........ I grabbed some more courage, another large helping of humble pie, (which I can ALMOST make from memory now I have had so much in the last few months...) and got THAT drawer squeaky clean.

You know you can be clean, and then you can be "I can't see nothin but shine and cannot smell nothin but Pine Sol," clean. I choose the later.

Got any of you thinkin????

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  1. I would love to hear those sermons! :) I've been in situations like that before where I couldn't believe all the needless grief I put myself through because I just would not choose to do what I knew was right and get it over with. Once it was taken care of, I felt like the biggest fool ever. Trying to talk myself into peace to avoid the temporary discomfort of getting it right was such an oxymoron.