Friday, January 9, 2009

You Are What You Read.....

My Mom always tells me I was "born in the wrong era." When she calls and I am pickling beets, crocheting a scrubbie, or cutting-out culottes for Abbs, she laughs and repeats to me this familiar phrase. I actually like hearing it. I am a die-hard cute apron wearin', jumper sportin', fancy table settin', bread bakin' kinda woman. The other day when I was getting ready to head out the door to the car for church, my Sweetheart who was right behind me stopped me, took me by the arm, spun me around, looked me dead in the eye and said...."THIS is you." Now before you think he fell of the hay wagon, or wonder if he had someone else roaming the house impersonating his wife, let me pontificate.....

A week or so ago, I was having one of those, "I look frumpy to others and need to look spiffy kinda days." COME know what I mean. That skirt that makes you feel uncomfortable but you keep for when you go and visit family or for your class reunion so you look to "the nines." That was the kind of day I was having. And my husband did not disapprove of what I wore, he just hugged me and told me that "it was nice, but it wasn't me." I mumbled something at the time like....."Yeah it doesn't have gravy stains on it! Amazing!' But I knew what he meant.

So back to right before leaving for church....

You guessed it, I was wearing, a jumper. Yep. A long, cordoroy one. With matching turtleneck....snazy to you I know. But while I wasn't looking, my old modest-homemaking self returned. And. He. Was. Glad. And so was I. We had a good laugh. That really IS me. And funny thing is....Joel married me for who I am. That homemaker he saw on her way to church. Friends, he even married me and fell in love with me before plucking my eyebrows was even thought of by me.......yes this man is unbelievably wonderful.

And tonight I am in the blue chair with an omage to Hubby. Today I texted him and just lightly told him that I wished we could talk....right then. Go to lunch and just sit and talk about some things that were troubling me. I got in the shower and when I got out and checked to see if he had written, he had with a, "Be ready at 1." :-) Our sweet college girl Clara came wizzing over to watch the two kiddos that were not napping and we left for the corner Italian restaurant. WOW! This is like in the movies! ;-) We talked, and he listened, held my hand and reassured every fear, worry and fret that I had, and that meant the world to me.

Everyone who knows Joel knows that he is a good man. He is a Godly man, and he loves his family. But I just cannot help but reitterate that he is the best example of Christ's love for the church that I know. Even his sister who can tease him to death knows these things. :-) He would do anything at anytime for anyone. We literally rejoice when he comes through the door and even hope beyond all hope that he will one morning get snowed-in with us so we can enjoy him all day long. Now I know, he is not perfect....he doesn't like rosemarino....but he is (as the teens have heard me say a zillion times!) the nearest perfect person I know. I don't believe in "luck" and I don't even like to say it. So I believe that in God's gracious "providence" He gave Joel to me before the foundation of the world. And I will spend the rest of my feeble existence thanking and praising Him.

So you can now browse these pictures taken tonight (excuse the date on my camera...gotta figure that out!) and see what a blessing I live with, and maybe get a glimpse of why I love him more than anyone in this world.

Renee I wish you could've come over while Joel read to us! Renee knows how much I love when Joel reads to us. PBS should get a deal with him....he is soo fun!

Abby was so cute. She was intently listening about David Livingstone.

And yes, that book is OLD....and GOOD!!! Joel is famous for reading us stories that you haven't heard in a long long time or even that you have never heard. At the end of the 3 stories about David Livingstone he read tonight, Mr. Kerr added what was famously said of Mr. Livingstone and I wanted to include it because I was facinated with it!

"He needs no epitaph to guard a name
Which men shall prize while worthy work is known;
He lived and died for good -- be that his fame;
Let marble crumble: This is Living-Stone."

And I thought about my dear sweet husband, and thought that he shares a similar testimony for the Lord. I love you Joel!!!

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  1. Awww, that is so sweet! :)

    I just took similar pictures that I was going to post....TODAY! :) Oh well. While Josh tells stories extemporaneously, and the kids aren't usually on his lap, it is hilarious to watch the kid's reactions. It's become one of my favorite pasttimes. I'm almost jealous at how good he is at it. :)