Friday, January 23, 2009


I was tagged on facebook to list 25 Random things about me, and since it has been a while since the "Bad News Blog Post," I thought I would give it a go. So here are 25 MORE things you will be so glad you know about me.........remember we are all about humor here.

1. I have saved Chinese take out for a week in the fridge and ate it. (Um that was today :)

2. I love, love, love holding Anna until she falls asleep.. and I fall asleep also. (again today)

3. I lived in Mongolia for 10 months.

4. I cooked from "scratch" for those 10 months, and did quite well I might add.

5. I have a dog named "Buddy."

6. If I could live anywhere it would be Idaho.

7. I still am puzzled at what my spiritual gift is!

8. I am the 3rd of 4 children and have 2 older sisters and 1 younger brother.

9. I can rollerskate really well backwards. (remind me to tell you about Joel sometime.... ;)

10. I am one of a very few who STILL does not wear pants. (Nope not even in Mongolian weather folks.)

11. I have been to see and thoroughly enjoy the Bar-J.

12. I LOVE the kind you eat. Though sea turtles are really cool as well.

13. I am getting better at homeschooling.

14. How many more of these do I have to fill up????

15. I give my husband the best Starburst flavors instead of eating them myself.

16. I can sing with my mouth closed........keep pondering that one.

17. I remember where I was at when I knew I would marry Joel.

18. Yesterday I read an amazing article on the relationship between Mrs. Susanna and Mr. Charles Haddon Spurgeon, and one on the deaths of John and Betty Stam. I read REAL stories about real people, and things that can help me be better at something.

19. Do you ever wonder what happened to John and Betty Stam's 3 month old daughter Hellen that they hid so she would be spared???? Hmmmmm you are wondering I can tell.

20. My husband teases me and tells me that what I don't understand I make fun of. I think I make fun of what I do know just as much.

21. I got engaged in a Illinois. Yep there is one.

22. I watch the Duggars because I just love em'.

23. I hate politics....I mean between organizations, not governmental. I hate that there is usually a catch to everything.

24. I do love tea, even herbal tea.

25. I consult Consumer Reports on a regular basis.


  1. Great post, Deena! I had to read #20 about fifteen times before I understood it though (this is an attempt at double humor - it is funny because it is true but it is also funny because I am making fun of something I did not understand.) This was really fun to read through.

    And remember, every member of the body has been given a gift - and you are a NECESSARY part of that body - read I Corinthians 12:22-24. You are vital to the work - whether you know it or not!

    Love you all,


  2. Okay, several no particular order :)

    Where WERE you when you knew you would marry Joel?

    Are you really planning on telling us about Joel skating backwards? If so, I hope it's soon.

    Isn't singing with your mouth closed officially called "humming"? LOL

    Do you know what happened to Helen or are you just wondering, too?

    Did you know I did some posts on spiritual gifts? I found out I have 3. Yep, 3! I thought it was cool at first... 'till my Pastor found out and promptly put me to work. It's still cool, but it's also an awful lot of responsibility. Sometimes I think it would be nice if we each were only allowed one. :}

  3. BTW ~ What is your spiritual gift?

    I was pretty wary when I learned what mine were, too.

  4. Ok.....

    you know I think I am going to say that if you have more than 1 question for me you have to call me! LOL Just teasing.

    I was upstairs in the room at the dorm that Mrs. Leslie had vacant. Remember we used it for prayer? I was there praying with Kim Berendt.

    Ha ha ha, this is different. I look like a blow fish when I do it. My cheeks are all puffed-out and I have this sound like a little kid singing! seriously...things you never new!

    I do know what happened to Helen, but I am going to make YOU find out. Kind of a let down for someone who had such an incredible beginning.

    No, I do NOT know what my spiritual gift is! I thought it was one for the longest time and then my Preacher shed some light in a sermon on that passage and I am led to believe now that, um what I thought was a gift, really isn't a gift! Hence the puzzlement.

  5. Oh, AND sometime when Joel allows me to, I will share with you his skating dilema!

  6. 25 is all you can get???? You're a woman for cryin' out loud!! You're DEENA to top it off!! I KNOW you can come up with more than 25!!! :)