Saturday, January 10, 2009

Just Like I promised

I posted a poem a while back that my wife wrote and I said that I would post more. Problem was that I could not find the book that they were all in. Well, I finally found it!! So here are one or two more.....

Others Kindness

I'm overwhelmed by the kindness
Through others the Lord does perform.
Anonymous money, a fresh bag of groceries,
A coat to keep little ones warm

It's true that the Lord has a storehouse
To reward us for our faithfulness.
But so often I lose sight of whom God does choose,
As a channel to give us his best.

Ah, the joys beyond measure,
At sight of the treasure,
That makes our weary soul sing!

On this side of heaven,
One cannot understand,
God's miraculous blessings
Through mere human hands.

True Friends

I thought of you dear friend today,
Across the many a miles.
And how I missed your friendliness,
your sweetness and your smile.

For today Satan tempted me
So hard and strong to sin,
But in my heart I heard your prayers
And fought on hard to win.

Today apart from other days,
My heart discouraged grew.
And even though some tears did come,
I joyed to think of you!

So thank you for your prayers for me
Which carried me along,
And for your love I felt today
which gave my soul a song!
~ April 2003

I am so thankful for a wife who can see the hand of the Lord. I am thankful also for her ability to write- not only humorously but also thoughtfully and poetically. I know that these writings will be a great legacy in the years to come for our family.

The Lord has been so good to allow us the years that we have had together. They have been the best of my life.

I love you too ,sweetheart!!!

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  1. Hey!!! Like the poems and your blog for that matter. Talk to ya'll later!!!!