Thursday, January 8, 2009

A Lazy Day at our House

The morning is underway........hubby kisses me goodbye when he leaves and with my eyes closed I smile, tell him I love him too, and enjoy the smell of his cologne on my cheek while I have my devotions. Every wife should wake up this way!

This morning is underwear??...... Nathan comes in with underwear on backwards, telling me (with a huge smile) that he wet his pants last night on the couch! Yes he would have used an exclamation mark had he written this incident to someone... Half awake I ask him, "Where are your pants now?" He informs me that Daddy took them off, got him new underwear and so, tho he is absolutely freezing he is dry and so all is well with the world. He just didn't want me to miss out on the morning's headlines I guess.

This morning's discovery........ We have a 50 pound bag of rolled oats that we have been enjoying this Winter. We fill an empty 5 gallon ice cream bucket and dip out of that until we need more. And when we do need more, Nathan is usually thrilled to venture downstairs and "Help" fill the bucket with whomever is lucky enough to have to take him with them. A day or so ago, we thought we had reached the end of our resources, so to speak. Alas, Dad informed us that the bag WAS down there, it would probably just take an Act of Congress to find it. Well this morning was that morning. Isaac and Nathan headed downstairs in search of the Oats. Patch the Pirate is playing, Abby is washing dishes, and up from the downstairs come the peals of joy..... Yes, friends the Oats have in fact been located. EVERYONE was tickled....literally. They were jumping, would have thought we had in fact discovered the New World once again. The look of achievement on their faces even tickled me. Good for them. There will be happiness now, and tomorrow...there will be oatmeal.

This morning's shock......While checking email my nose started bleeding.....Ugh! I can handle just about any weird strange thing, but nosebleeds look awful, take forever to go away and give you that Blah taste in your mouth! So I am in the blue chair with a lovely wad of tissue in my nose, which for MY nose, is almost half a roll. One of my dear children asked me about it at breakfast and before I could answer turned to their sister and commented..."She probably was picking her nose." You guessed it. Right then I felt like the "joyful mother of children" that the Bible speaks of. If you don't have a sense of humor, you simply cannot make it in this life. Plain as that.

This morning's plan........To keep my little ones happy and warm and give them good memories to look back on. I unashamedly announced awhile back that once (or twice) when I was expecting, I let all the kiddos eat Oreo's and milk for breakfast. That, my friends, is a memory. Today at the breakfast table Abbs asked me if we could do all our chores, get the house ship shape, and then snuggle on the couch and watch Sheffey. Couldn't think of a better idea myself!!! Today we are setting routine aside, and we are making a memory. If you are bored of YOUR routine you are more than welcome to enjoy a memory with us. Warning tho, if you choose to make fun of my wad in my nose, you will be forced to miss the best parts of Sheffey. For those of you wondering if I am torturing my kids with numerous watchings of Sheffey, THEY are asking me to watch it!! And funny thing, the movie Sheffey is beginning to be one of those untouchables with me. Kinda like you can tease your family, but no one else can. You can have Nemo, (ha ha can't even think of any more!!) that Rat movie.... that is the best I can come up with! MY kiddos are gonna watch Sheffey. And they can watch it everyday like some kids watch cartoons, and in years to come we will evaluate who has benefited from what! Ok, I am getting off the soapbox....the height is making my nosebleed worse.

This morning I am enjoying my family, wishing my Sweetheart could be snowed-in with us, and happy to be a Mom. We have determined to enjoy this day. I am hoping you find some happy spot yourself and enjoy YOUR day. If not, the blue chair will be warmed and ready for you.


  1. Deena, I thought YESTERDAY was your lazy day? How many do you get a week?
    And as for the kids' movies... won't be a hoot when your kids are growing beards and preaching while mine is wearing a hat and packing a six-gun (or a sword).
    Enjoy your day!

  2. Ha ha ha! Noooo yesterday was my, talk to you and escape ironing day, c'mon now you gotta get with my schedule! :-)

  3. Oh how I laughed at the nose picking thing. :)

    When I was pregnant with Isaac, Jordan came into my room when I was cleaning underneath my bed one day and said, "Mom, you really shouldn't bend over like that."

    Thinking he was concerned about the baby being squished I smiled and said, "Why's that?"

    He hesistated and then sheepishly, but resignedly said, "Well, because...because it kinda makes you look like a cow."

    Tears came instantly and he felt So. Bad. I gave him a hug and blamed it on my hormones, but I don't think he'll ever tell another woman that as long as he lives. LOL

  4. Ha ha ha ha!!!!!!! oh my!!! Children do say the craziest things!! :-) Wish we were closer and could gt together Sherri! I enjoy your decorating pics! Looks great!

  5. First of all, Deena, I want to know how you managed to get a 50 lb. bag of oats! That's a lot of oats! LOL! Love your blog - I'll be back! ;)

  6. LOL thanks Rosa! We got our bag at a bulk foods store....for an unbelievable price! With 5 growin kiddos...we have gone thru more than half the bag in 3 months!