Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Private Format

Hello all Joel here,

Since we don't know who all is reading this, we thought we would spread the word in a post. We will switching to a private format blog on February 17 th. We just did not want to be left out of this whole transition thing. :-)

Anyway, If you would like to continue to read ( which we sincerely hope you do) Please send us your email. Hurry there is only a limited number allowed.

Wow! Are we sales people or what!!

Really, this has nothing to do with Deena's old piano teacher finding her. :-)

Hope to hear from you all soon!!!


  1. I'm already "following" your blog. Do I need to do anything else?

  2. Please include me! :) Thanks!

  3. Do us a favor and send us your email at our address posted so we can have it easily.....thanks!

  4. I tried to send you an email, but I'm already on your blacklist :)