Thursday, January 15, 2009

Mixed-blessing Bars

Tonight we, my 8 year old and I, made Mixed-blessing Bars. If you have an 8 year old in the kitchen I am sure you have made them before also!

Here's the mix:

Take one excellent Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe

One unbelievably animated and chatty 8 year old

Brown sugar that Hubby went out into the frigid weather to bring just for cookies

And one distracted Mom

Mix thoroughly, forget the other half a page of ingredients in the hustle and bustle (and CHATTING) and spread em' on your favorite stone, knowing that you never have time or patience to wait and drop each individual cookie, and making them into bars tastes better so you say. Pop em' in the oven at 375 and head down stairs to chat yourself with Hubby, telling him how your ears are ready to fall off. A minute or two it will hit you, as you recall to Hubby how distracted you were, that you did indeed forget some major ingredients and you will in a mad dash run upstairs taking two at a time, pull the stone out of the oven and stand and stare at them for a good minute wondering what to do. Then you will scrape them off of the stone BACK into the bowl, add the precious ingredients, and realize that all the chocolate chips have had just enough time to melt and make the dough a brown ugly mess speckled with walnuts. You will at this time remember the old addage, "When life hands you lemons.." and you will frown and tell yourself that you would throw the lemons back at whomever dared give them to you in the first place!! (Of course "you" would do all these things and not "me" of course...completely ficticous! )

And after the bars are out and cooled off, and you have as well, you will realize that you will keep the bars and the 8 year old, knowing you are only reaping what you put your own sweet Mother through, and smother them with ice cream and butterscotch topping. (The Cookie Bars that is..not the 8 year old for clarification.) Everything is better with butterscotch on it friends.

You will sit in the blue chair and forget all about the figurine that he broke, how your Hubby sweetly pretended half for your sanity and his sake that it COULD be put together granted we owned some stock in the Crazy Glue company. Memories of you taking off your glasses making you half blind so that you could not see the damage or the perpetrator, will vanish into thin air.... which is the only thin thing these days thanks to butterscotch. You will listen to your Hubby read you your favorite Poet, Edgar A. Guest and watch as one by one the kiddos come out of their beds to snuggle with Dad to listen as he reads "I Don't Want to Go To Bed" a fitly choice for the hoolagins. You look, laugh at their mis-matched pajamas and realize that all is well with the world. We are one figurine less, one batch of cookies down, and one day spent as a blessed family.


  1. It's amazing how much your day was like mine! All the way down to the mis-matched pajamas! :) But instead of choc chip was trying to make banana bread while my 2 year old was with me and my sister in law needed an ear to let her vent. Instead of a favorite was my glass lamp shade. LOL I tell you it was my day all over again! LOL So ironic! This time, the banana bread actually got made right the first time although it took me twice as long to make it. But I have had times where I've had to take a pan out of the oven, pour it out, mix in the forgotten ingredient, then pour it back in! LOL

  2. C'mon - use the butterscotch topping on "the 8-year-old," too! It couldn't hurt and I think they might enjoy it!

  3. Hi Deena!
    I am Tenille(Burley)Hoffert's Mother in law. One time when she was here reading your blog, she saved it to my favorites, and I wanted to let you know I LOVE it !!! I have you on my "blogroll" and hope my friends will be checking it out. It is great!

  4. Yep, been there, done that. But I could never relate the story as well as you did. Have I told you lately that I love your blog? ;)

  5. Beener, Duct tape. It'll fix the cookie bars and the figurine. :)