Thursday, February 19, 2009

A Week in Pictures

And we begin with a new "doo"

My Valentine's surprise!

6 lilies and one L-o-n-g stemmed beautiful rose! I LOVE the vase too!!

The night before Valentine's we addressed Valentines to the kiddos and attached suckers to them. Catch was, Isaac and Abby had a number, and their Valentines had math problems on them. They had to sit and figure their math problem out and if it equaled their number than it was theirs. If not they had to leave it where it was and look for another problem to solve!

On Caleb and Nasey's they had a shape to match with their own they were given before we began.

Hmmmm look at her wheels turnin!

What to do when Hubby is in an overly long staff meeting at church........ make a fort under the Nursery changing table of course!

.....And hide with a few of your kiddos!

A visit to the Picadilly Parlour for Abbs and I complements of Uncle Greg, yeah hats and me were never a good combination.

And we take a bow and say, "THE END," of a great week!

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