Friday, February 13, 2009

He pulled a fast one!!!

Hey, Joel Here---

Just when I thought that I had it all planned out, He pulls a fast one.

I have been anticipating the switch to our "Private" format to coincide with the switch to Digital TV and low and behold the Obama administration listened to all the dear folks who waited until the last minute to realized that they did not have the little box.

I have two feelings on this:

1. If you are not ready for this yet (over a year and a half of preparation.) Will you ever be ready?

2. Why does the Government have to spend my money to pay for others negligence? Let alone a voucher for the little box!!!

This really impacts my life very little, but alas! Another illustration of the state of our citizens.

Now that the transition won't be until summer, it steals a little of my drama, however- WE will still be going to a private format! READY OR NOT!!

If you would like to continue to read our blog- which we hope you do- please let us know by email. Slots are filling up quickly!! (sorry, this is not a link. just cut and paste it)


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