Tuesday, February 10, 2009

My Girlies

Abbs is such a help to me around the house, especially with Anna-B

Today I especially enjoyed watching them play...

And I thought of how the Lord gave me one girl with curly, curly hair and dark brown eyes, and one with straight, straight hair and blue eyes! I am so thankful for my two girlies!!! They are a joy to Joel and I!

They enjoyed eating pizza together and watching a documentary on "Birds." We have been fascinated with them lately and trying to learn all we can about their different species, habitats, habits and nesting grounds. This family is for the birds!


  1. Deena,
    This is Natanya (Torberson) Dixon. I found your blog through Stephanie Sutton's. You have a beautiful family! My husband and I have been married 10 years, and God hasn't given us any of our own, but we got guardianship of a boy in our school 2 years ago due to the unfortunate home situation he was in. He is a senior now, playing basketball and trying to find a job to pay for his car insurance.
    Where do you live? We are in Dayton, attending Cornerstone Baptist Temple (Pastor Jerry Siler). Steve (my husband) is a manager at a credit union, and I teach in our Christian school.
    Hope all is well with you. I enjoyed reading your post about getting ahold of God.

  2. Cute girlies!! My kids love documentaries on animals. Besides oldie movies every now and then that's all they watch (or we will let them watch:0) They don't mind and they soak it all in. My mom got the kids a National Geographic film on Really Wild Animals. I think we have watched it over and over again. It's geared toward kids, but Aaron and I usually get sucked in to it. I usually pick an animal for the week and then we learn about it in school. At Michael's they have these wood 3D craft puzzles you can put together of animals. They are only a dollar and Drew loves them for art class and then to go along with what animal we are learning. BTW, what is your address?
    Have a great night!