Thursday, February 19, 2009

one word....BERNINA

My Hubby bought me a new sewing machine! My Singer I received for a Christmas gift in 10th grade "bit the dust" a few years ago, and a sweet lady in our church allowed me to use one of her Bernina sewing machines. Well the time had come for me to get my own and stop putting my wear and tear (and kids curiosity) on hers. I.was.thrilled.

Now, for the record if you know me then you will know that I think someone "hand painting" a sewing machine is hilarious.....even more so that it was a man. (Perhaps he also plays the organ without shoes......enough said.) BUT this is the machine we decided on because it was perfect for what I needed. Actually it is MORE, 10times MORE than what I need, which makes me smile thinking that Hubby thinks that highly of me. (Don't you dare tell him about the waistband incident Tam! A man can dream can't he?? ;-)

And "sew" my first electronic machine. Yes there is a huge difference when sewing.

Me looking like I definitely know what I am doing using the automatic needle threader for the second time ever. I know I know, "automatic needle threader????" You are thinking that this new contraption is as silly as an automatic tooth brush right? I mean how STRENUOUS it is to move the tooth brush back and forth and back and forth..... I agree about the tooth brush, and you can think that about the needle threader, but you are wrong. Dead wrong. It is wonderful. In fact I see this new invention saving me lots and lots of time that can free me up to make more homemade jam and pies....Hey I can dream too!

Thank you Honey for the gift! I "sew" appreciate it!!!


  1. You are welcome, Honey!
    You "sew" deserve it.
    You "sew" Girl!

  2. Cute machine, cute hair, and cute, cute clock in the background that we almost bought the other night! :) What can I say, "we" have good taste. ;)

  3. Tim bought me a new machine for Christmas! Isn't it fun figuring out the new doo-dads! Looks like you're busy already! :)