Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Abby-babs turns 7 !!

Yesterday was Abby's 7th birthday!!! She wanted more than anything to have Joel and I all to herself for a little shoppin'. So Mom and Dad watched the other 4 kiddos and we left for parts unknown to Abbs. She knew she had a surprise waiting for her, she just didn't know where we were goin' and to see her squirm with glee in the van with anticipation made me want to drive in circles just to enjoy that a wee bit longer. We went after dinner and just as we were cleaning up from dinner she hugged my neck and whispered in my ear, "Mom, thanks for having me." I just squeezed her and wished I could record that sweet comment to play back to myself on long days.

So we went to the mall and let her go to Build-A-Bear and pick out an animal to stuff, fluff and dress. The people waiting behind me were eating up the way we were talking to Abby and taking pictures, and there is just something inside me that makes me have to tell other people, when I am out with only one kiddo, that I have 4 more children at home. Weird I know, okay so maybe I like the OOO's and WOW's alright. Abb picked out a bunny and while she was at the computer filling in the information for "Emaly's" birth certificate I took off my earings and put them in the ears of this bunny. Once we left the store we told Abbs to check Emaly over and see if she noticed anything different. She noticed in like a milisecond...totally my daughter, and guessed immediately that we were going to allow her to get her ears pierced. So to Claire's we went!

Once we got Abbs in the chair she immediately became a nervous wreck and had to go to the bathroom...again MY daughter all the way... but we made her wait and watched as she struggled between being afraid and yet wanting to get earings so badly. It. Was. Cute.

It was a good time out with just Abbs. She is precious to me and I wouldn't trade my tree-climbin', Math dislikin', deep-thinkin' sweetie for anything in this world. Happy Birthday Abby!!!


  1. What a sweet post, Deena! I can hardly wait to have more Mother-Daughter days out. You know, WITHOUT the tantrums, missed nap times, and all out meltdowns. Your daughter is amazingly cute!

  2. Deena and Joel
    What a nice day to spend with Abby..She's a sweetie