Monday, November 10, 2008

7 things most people do not know about me.......

I was tagged in a friend's blog to write 7 things people do not know about me so here I am. Funny thing is, the more I thought about this post, the more I realized that the reason people do not know things about me is probably because I purposely do NOT tell them. AND I am probably not telling them for a good reason. Another funny thing is that the more you know me...the more you know that I am an open book, cry with everyone, laugh with everyone, tell everyone what I am struggling with, (Well those patient enough to listen that is..) and so really I do not have too many "undisclosed details" about myself. So read on and just pretend like you never knew k?

1. My favorite color is red. (Cranberry to be exact.)

2. I named two of my children off of Sarah Plain and Tall.

3. I have seriously thought of legally changing my middle name. (Mostly when I was in grade school.)

4. I come across much better on paper than in person, and I look better too!

5. I have more fond memories stored in my memory, that I pull from on a weekly basis, than the average person. And these memories are shared with a select few that I am permanently attached to because they have gone thru these things with me, and when I am with them we can just be together and enjoy ourselves because we have so much "history" together. We can begin talking about a memory and just end mid-sentence knowing that we are both re-living the memory in our minds. And two of these people are Tam and Patty.

6. I would like to have some published work before I die.

7. My favorite Bible Story is Jairus' meeting with the Lord and his daughter's healing.

Well there ya go.... somehow it seems to me that knowing more is really more like knowing less??? (smile)


  1. I can't believ you named two of your children off of Sarah Plain and Tall. LOL I never would have guessed that. It's been forever since I've seen that movie. I can't think....which two??? :)

    Thanks for joining me! :)

  2. Well, Caleb and Anna are the two, and also bible names, which we wanted, AND Anna is ALSO named after a sweet woman in our church who never had any children, AND ME! We had to get all our names in there!!! Love, love love that movie!

  3. Seven things you may not know about me...

    1. My favorite restaurant for a fun evening with friends is TGIFridays.
    2. I love any new project that involves crafts.
    3. I want to take a family vacation to Disney World before my oldest child is ten.
    4. My biggest fear is fire.
    5. Each year, my husband and I celebrate the day we had our first date.
    6. I enjoy being a housewife more than any other job I have had.
    7. I am a rather moody person most of the time. This is one thing that I really, really do not like about myself.

    Okay...Now that you know all of this about me, your life is complete! See ya Friday!

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  5. What do you want to change your middle name to?