Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Every pot has it's lid.....

It's February. One of my mostest favoritest times of the year. (and yes I did that just so I could see the red squiggilies tell me that was "wrong.")

I love red and all things love and it just may be because I was allowed to watch more Anne of Green Gables than one should be allowed in three lifetimes. : )

And my hair is no longer even able to be swept up like Anne's and I don't even want to know what size skirts she was fitting in, what size I am not fitting in, and I saw somewhere sometime that Gilbert is balding and has ginormous crow's feet around his eyes.

Just sayin'.

(pardon me as I reach for another brownie...)

And the friends on facebook are running miles and I have miles of laundry that just never ends.

And I somehow lost my spunk for the season.

And it's sad, really.

And talks about school work have replaced gazing into each other's eyes. Well my coke bottle glasses that I have to wear because of my lack of contacts might have hindered that a bit too.

But on the flip-side we can always start a fire with enough direct sunlight.

I digress....

And the cardinals, the males, are feeding the females, and I am wondering how on earth we missed that concept????

The littles are at Chinese class which may really come in handy even if they never make it to the foreign field. Some nights when couples discuss family vacations and bills found under the couch it really is like you are speaking different dialects.

And we are late for the church activity and need to get the roast done like last night, so out comes the pressure cooker.

We throw in this and that, what we think will be good and snap on the lid like pros.

So like marriage, is it not?

We just KNOW it all. We have been around the world after all. Well only as far as Indiana, but that can't be that different from the rest of the world, now can it??

And we give our opinions and rationalize and carry our flowers down the isle of wedded bliss.

More like weeded bliss.

And we realize that toothpaste caps and socks on the floor can turn us into the Incredible Hulk, and little after little after little can make us kiss goodbye to the college wardrobe that we swore WE would stay in til our thirties.

And the thirties come and we are still living and loving and making things stretch and not missing those first years that we now see our friends go through. Who by the way seem to us to be getting married in their teens??? Were we really that silly and missing it??

uh, you-bet-your-bottom-dollar.

And we look at our parents like they are amazing to just have survived potty training, and why haven't we asked them more things and why are they not spending all of their time signing autographs?

We argue over how much steam is supposed to come out of the pressure cooker....

We have so seen our steam in our marriage.

And by steam of course I mean pride.

Something like, Only by pride cometh steam.... or something like that.

And the cooker is steaming and we busy ourselves with things to get ready to take to the activity and sure enough it is time to take the roast out.

We look at each other as if to say, "I thought you were going to tell ME how this all ends."

I mention something about " well it would help to read the manual.."

And that has helped.

Where would we both be, our family be without it?

And there are days when you almost wished Ephesians 5 was still written in Greek.

Life, marriage, is responsibility.

Loving takes work and risk.

He heads towards the sink when I mention something about running cool water on it right off of the stove.

We have the fright of our lives when it squeals and I am half into the other room fearing it blowing it's top.

I scramble through the manual..... whew. I was right.

That washing of water by the Word is the only thing to cool things down....and fast.

We giggle like we did in college over the sink.

Me feeling so justified in my "rightness" and he mentioning that I was "outta there" and didn't even care to rescue him in my hurry.

Bottom line, we need to refresh ourselves with the manual if we are to make some scrumptious meal out of life together.

We pull the roast and add sauce for sandwiches and tell each other we should cook together more often.

Indeed we should.

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