Thursday, February 28, 2013

Hat's off to you.

Grabbed the girls and went out for a jaunt to do this and that.

I finally bit the bullet and got my engagement ring sized...... up, that is.

Ahhh that just feels so freeing, typing it.

It did make me feel so lovely when the jeweler just happened to mention that the normal ring size for a woman was a seven, and mine, well for almost fourteen years it has been hanging around at a size

5 3/4.

Yeah it's been too long in coming, but it slides and looks lovely.

Yes you should. You are wondering if you should do the same.


And while you are at it, give those old skirts, you know, the ones from college...

to the teen girl in your church.

And carry some chocolate in your purse for the first time she walks in with one of them.

Or you could just burn them.

Just an idea or two.

We stopped in at the mall to get my ring and afterwards I went to one store and my hubby and a little went to another.

Something about hats on sale.

I found a sweet white jacket for a steal and met up with Joel to find him sporting a cute new hat. He never buys things for himself so I was tickled that he did so.

The girls felt sucked into Clarie's to look at pretties and Joel excused himself to use the restroom.

Yeah not the best topic for blogs, but hey, it goes with the story.

Once we had our fill of headbands we went out to sit on a few chairs to wait for Joel and then he came and we were off to the next store.

And it occurred to me that he wasn't wearing his hat.

"Oh, yeah, well the man cleaning the restroom said he liked it, so I gave it to him."

I am half startled and half smiling.

"And I gave him a tract and told him that Jesus loves him."

What a wonderful thing.

And he went on to tell me that the money he spent on that hat is well worth the possibility of a soul coming to know the Lord.

I found words to ask him what the man said.

"He didn't really know what to say. He just kept telling me thank you."

"Thank You."

Thank you, nice man, for caring more for me then your new hat.

And I would look at him in the car in the dark with the littles half in dreamland and say thank you too.

"Thank you God."

Thank you for a man who loves people, me included.

Thank you for how his heart drawn close to you draws mine too.

I imagine the story that that worker told to his wife or friend that night,

possibly when they said,

"Hey, nice hat."


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