Thursday, January 31, 2013

A Day that will live on in Infamy.... well perhaps not that long....

Ever have one of those days?

THOSE days?
The ones you refer to as "those" because truth be told you don't want to remember any crumb of a detail about them, so, you just refer to them as "those."

"Those" as in, "those-nasty--awful--very-bad" days.

I have.

I did.....


It started out grand. A real bacon-and-eggs sunny-side-up average day.

It ended with a cancelled trip, grumpy kids because of previous cancelled trip, a trip to the local Russian Orthodox church parking lot where we sat with the gas tank flashing empty and me flashing my license and registration and my face flashing red as I saw how fast I was going, and where a rather large portion of my money was going.....

(pardon me as I sigh)

and then a trip to see my husband and cry while one of the littles tells me in a very harsh tone that "She TOLD me to be careful." And then I stopped crying and tried to imagine how I could crash her next birthday party.

That is if she lived that long....

And then a trip home to make dinner and try to piece the day back together while the littles decide to clean the dollhouse furniture in the bathroom sink leaving a very wet little phone, now on the fritz which will not stop buzzing and came to rest in a bowl of rice to dry out for a day or two.

They are fighting  and I am yelling and can't this day come to a close yet?!!

And we recite our verses over more rice and tacos and I am wondering why Matthew never has a "blessed are they that mourn for their mad money which is now going to the courthouse...... for they shall inherit a great sum of money."

And sniffles are wiped on sleeves and no one wants to scrub the really nasty pot and I am now dreaming of all things chocolate.....

Too much water is added to the brownie mix by a little desperately trying to learn and I am wondering if she will always be Amelia Bedelia.... well..... they'll be MOIST....

And knitting becomes tangled in the five needles I am using for my first ever sock and I am wondering if I will  ever have the courage to knit the second one. Perhaps I should just hang this one on the wall and call it a day.

So I head to bed at the ripe old hour of 7:30 and decide to hibernate or pray for the Lord's return.

Or both.

And await a new day.

Good night friends.

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  1. "Those" days are rough, for sure! Think I should be thanking the Lord they don't happen every day! Don't think I could survive if they came two in a row or in one week!

    I TOTALLY understand having an Amelia Bedelia child. Ever have that child read an Amelia Bedelia book!?! HA! Good times.