Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Life as we know it

Hello world.

Wow I have been away soo long I almost did not remember how to even sign in!

And most days I am without a computer at home during the day (which I LOVE) and most nights I am getting dinner on the table, getting it off the table, washing the table.....well you get the idea.

Come to think of it, my life kinda revolves around that table, doesn't it?

Anywho, It is late, the kiddos are sleeping, the husband is sleeping and I have a moment to check in.

How in the world are you? (That was for Tam)

I have thought about things to put on here, but tonight I am just gonna "shotgun" it and whatever tickles my fancy is gonna make it lickety-sizzle in this post.

On children:

My now recently turned 5 year old found a honest and truly Robin's egg outside and he, thinking it was one of the badly named Easter candies, "Robin eggs" decided to pop it in his mouth.



I dunno what was more side splitting to me, Him trying to eat it, or his slightly older brother understanding what happened and yelling to him that he "Killed a bird."

Yeah that was a day.

In other news my oldest and funniest told me, over dinner one night, that my food was so good he wouldn't be surprised if I was asked to "make the Marriage Supper of the Lamb in Heaven."

It has been said that a person can live three days on one good complement.

I think I can live all of eternity on that one. (wink wink)

Good times. Good kids.

On the home front:

We are having a blast with 6 chickens now. So when you think of it, I have 6 kids in the house and 6 out in the shed. Lest you think they were my idea they were not at all, but I will say that I whole heartily agree with anything that passes my "good idea" test. It is a simple two question exam:

1. Will it add to the humor of the family?
2. Will it be profitable to us?

Yes to both accounts, so enjoy them we will.

I have acquired a real enjoyment of knitting at present. Some have even sighted me in the blue chair with my thick glasses, knitting like a fiend with one eye on my needles and the other on my bird feeders right outside my window. And smiling like someone who has eaten brownies for breakfast and who has erased the word "laundry" from their vocab.

See I have a lazy eye and can do things like this.

Yes I have more "lazy" parts of my anatomy that will not take up any more space or mentioning here.

Life is more simplified lately. No t.v. No computer most days. Just a really old radio antenna and my singing.

Life is lovely come to think of it.

I keep hearing of facebook finds and friends and fiasco's and yes I do like to get on someone's for a while and look and see what this one and that one are doing, but then I am off like a hot potata and am sick of it like when you eat one too many Doritos.


So if you catch me on here, great, but if not, no worries. I am probably off on my new bike I got for Mother's Day riding up and down my neighborhood in my super long culottes and smiling 'cause I picked the bike with the largest seat in the whole store.


I am living, and loving and of course I am laughing.

And sometimes I am even wondering how you all are doin'.


  1. Hi Deena! This made me laugh. Every time I read one of your posts I either laugh, cry, or do both. I miss hearing your laugh.

  2. Ok, here you go :) You wanted me to ummm...well...:) No, just kidding! You are sweet and kind and we miss you and you are the best and I couldn't have a better "adopted sister" :) (how much am I getting paid by the way? :) Ok, for real I do mean all those things! :) Hope to see you in July. By the way...we have a blog too! You could post on ours!!! Give the kids hugs from all of us! We love you and it was great talking to you today!

  3. Mrs. Royalty I miss you all so much. I am not sure yet if I get to come home for summer, but am praying it all works out. I miss you all bunches! Love Always!

  4. You make me laugh!!! I've thought often of going without a computer for a little while. Sounds like you're having a blast. Catch up with you soon... B

  5. too funny!!!!!! i love you. miss you. 10 girls in our side yard too. tam

  6. Love your post, Deena! Always enjoy them. Wish we lived closer so we could have a visit. Hope you all have a wonderful summer!