Monday, May 24, 2010

Fevers and not so few words....

We have had a string of weird fevers sweeping our abode here on Haywood. None of the other "unmentionables" come along with it. Just a high fever. All was somewhat normal until it hit the 5th of the Mohican's.

Anna IS a talker.

For sure.

If you remember I have noted on here that all too often we were asked, "Is she four or five?" And with a grimace we would reply, "Um.....nnnnoooo she's TWO."

Well now she's three and her vocab is a growin' like her hair these days and having a fever to boot just about made her the chattiest little thing you ever laid eyes (or ears) on.


I sat with her in the blue chair of all wisdom and comfort, (Smile) and knitted and held her, and knitted and listened, and knitted and kissed her scorching forehead and so on and so forth. And while I did all these things, I told myself that this was so a "blogable moment" and when I had her interested in yet another Popsicle I decided to try to write down all of the questions she had just asked me or comments she made in a whopping 3 minutes time. Yes I mean 3 minutes!

Here goes:

My eyes hurt.
Why do we have blood?
I love Uncle Chris. (This is a story for another time!!)
I love cows, and birds.....and PIGS.
I love Alayna.
Do I ask a funny questions?
I love ALL my children.
When I sit down my culottes go up.
Do the Wilcox's know the baby name?
Do we have friends?
Are the Duggars and Wilcox's our friends?
I like my clothes.
What did I say?
Nathan said I was bad when I had my Princess pajamas on.
How come I don't have hand pockets in my culottes?
Can you pull my culottes down to cover my legs?
I love you.
I was gonna tell you that I love you.
What is a woodpecker?

And these were what I could remember and get on paper!

Now the cutest thing was that she would sniff her little button nose after about every other question or so. And just in case you were wondering these must have been rhetorical statements because I never had the time to answer them!! She just kept on a goin'!
Anna is just Anna. And we could just about love the stuffin' out of her some days. I love that you know how she feels about everything, whom she loves and how much she loves them.

Our smooth talker in action again...

Just love her.


  1. She's a cutie pie, Deena. That's exactly how Isaac is so you have my genuine empathy. He is the best entertainment ever. Could you imagine if the two of them got together!? It would be fun just to sit and listen. It's a good idea and I both know we wouldn't be able to sit in the same room and be silent for more than a couple of seconds if that! =-D

    Love ya!

  2. Aww...I hope to meet her this summer when you come camping with us :) She was a baby the last we saw her. She must be alot like her mom! :) Hope all is well. Let us me know what Joel said about coming to family camp.

  3. Hey...I just wanted you to know that I will be in Dayton, OH next Wed. I don't know how far away that is from you but I thought I would let you know. I don't want to be breathing that filthy air for too long :)