Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Winner, winner chicken dinner! YOU could be a winner in a contest you didn't even know you were in!!

By far this February has been the best celebration for Joel and I. Last week we were planning a meal, when a sweet friend gave Joel and I an unbelievable gift certificate for a local restaurant. So we did like any normal couple who just happened to have someone take the younger 4 kids for the afternoon and evening. We hit the restaurant lickety-sizzle and got some MORE crab cakes and sighed in between each and every bite. One of us was even tempted to steal the elderly lady's crab cake next to them when theirs was devoured.

Not gonna rat them out but I will say that Joel is just the kindest, sweetest man, but has been known to get a serious disposition around his fav foods.

Just sayin.'

So, Joel and I are hittin' the road again this weekend for a MUCH anticipated, long awaited weekend get-a-way. We are attending a Couple's simulcast in Akron where TONZ of our fav speakers will be (via Satellite) speaking.

Gary Chapman

Francis Chan

In the same room,

Speaking to ME in the same afternoon?


And in honor of this weekend, and in honor of those who made this Valentine's Month better than ever for their hubby's, I have decided to make their day a bit brighter. You see, I have waited for someone, anyone to comment telling me either on here or via email that they went "the extra mile" this month and treated their sweetheart like (pardon the pun) "Royalty."
And some did! And those who did have won their very own copy of one of my FAVORITE books, "The Five Love Languages," by Gary Chapman. So you all were in a little contest of mine and you didn't even know it! Yeah, pretty sneaky I know......

So...without further ado...

Congrats to Mary T, and Becky C, !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you for being the sweet homemakers you are! You are a joy to know and I am tickled to be able to send you a small token of my friendship! Please email me at: joelanddeena@att.net and send me your address so I can get this book into your hands!!!

You will love it.

I LOVE IT, and I will be thinking of you all when I listen to Gary Chapman himself this weekend!!!!!

Yeah I am way excited......



  1. Gary Chapman and Francis Chan??? In the same room??? No way. I am so, so jealous. But I'm excited for you, too! That is awesome, Deena! I know it will be a fabulous weekend, and you two deserve it. Have tons of fun!!

  2. Am I the "Mary T." in this post??? I am sure hoping! Great post and thanks in advance if it's me! :) love you

  3. Enjoy your weekend. Oh, and last Friday, after a birthday party for my neice, my hubby had the boys stay at his sister's house for the night. :) Thanks for the inspiration to do something extra for my hubby this month.