Friday, February 26, 2010

....and this is my friend

A week or so ago when I visited my Mom we had occasion to talk while Joel took my Dad to a Dr.s appointment. We chatted about Joel and I and how I just like to be with him, anytime, anywhere. I could see that it visibly made my Mom happy that we enjoyed being together so much and she remarked that she could tell that he was indeed my BEST FRIEND.

That made me smile and meant a great deal to hear her say that.

So as I clean up this morning and pack our few special things that make a trip and night away fun for us, you would THINK we were invited to the White House instead of camping out at a hotel in Akron. I am guessing the desk clerk will see our smiles and have a "wing" for couples like us..........

(These hilarious stretched pics were sent to me yesterday from Joel's webcam just before he came home for lunch!)

Anticipation is literally dripping off the walls.

We have wanted a night away since Alayna was born almost 8 months ago and it is finally here. Maybe we aren't exactly the "norm" but we so look forward to talking and talking and talking and talking some more until we have exhausted each and every topic of prayer or discussion possibly known to man.

So without further ado, I leave you for a few days and ask that you pray for us. Please pray that God will work in and through us touching every single person we come in contact with. Please pray that the Couple's Simulcast enables us to learn a great deal to help our marriage become a better picture of Christ and His love for the church, and of course that we have a B-L-A-S-T together........

But considering who we are dealing with......

I'd say "Having a Blast" is on the menu! And yes, we did sit in a tiny seat and get our picture taken at Chuck E. Cheese!

Song. of Sol. 5:16- "This is my beloved, and this is my friend,..."

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