Friday, February 5, 2010

Friday Night Fabulous Feasting Part I

Well we pulled it off! I say "we" because Joel decided it would be fun to make our special dinner together tonight and I "Amen" that. It was fun. Hard yes, but fun and came out well we thought.

Lets review the Menu for tonight:

Pasta with Citrus Cream Sauce
Veal Medallions with Lemon on a Bed of Spinach
Chocolate Caramel Pecan Cakes
Orange-Lemon Shakes

Basically tonight was a citrus lover's dream.

Well, a little caramel never hurt anyone either.

Now on to the decor for this evening.......

We took two leaves out of the dining room table, moved it in front of a window to watch the snow, covered it with my favorite throw that usually adorns the blue chair. I then got the notion to cut out some tissue paper hearts to sprinkle on the table. Once that was done I thought that piece of tissue paper would sure double as a nice romantic lamp shade! I bought the candles which were a whopping 2 dollars and found this nifty centerpiece just begging to be used. Any guesses as to what it might be???

It is a dress that Alayna grew out of!!! Seriously!! Those cute little arm holes sure worked great for my candles! Necessity is indeed the mother of invention folks!! Throw all these things together, cook a fantastic meal with your Hubby, thank God for MIL and FIL for watching the kiddos, and........

...Whalah! An evening fit for Royalty!

Now which of you are joinin' me next Friday? Tam? Mary????




  1. Today, My husband and I went to a Valentine's banquet at church, but for this morning, I made a raisin, cinnamon, apple swirl bread loaf. Tre' Yummy!!! Took you up on your challange. Trying to come up with some things for the rest of the month.

  2. Sorry, but Josh and I both detest Valentine's day so it would be pointless. But it looks like you two are having a blast! =-) Our church is having a wedding vow renewal for any and all couples who want to participate during the morning service next weekend and then a "Valentine" banquet immediately following. Josh and I laugh whenever we think about it. If we were going to renew our vows we would do it "privately" (for lack of a better word). WE didn't make our vows in a herd to begin with, why would we renew them that way? And why they would want to have a Valentine Banquet for all the bus kids is beyond me, but that's okay. LOL We have gotten so many laughs over this in the past weeks that we're almost warming up to the "holiday". =-D Love you, Deena!

  3. We just celebrated our anniversary this past weekend. No kiddos for the whole weekend thanks to mom and dad.
    We don't usually celebrate Valentines in a special way because we just celebrated our love the weekend before. I usually will cook a special meal and that is about it. Maybe buy Paul one of those Reese peanut butter hearts.
    Have fun Deena!