Tuesday, January 26, 2010

You know you need a day at the Spa when.....

You use up ALL the hot water each time you take a shower.

While IN the shower you are tempted to write yourself a "To Do" list in soap on the wall.

You find yourself humming "The Wheels on the Bus" while ironing.

You leave the rug with the cup of coffee spilled on it because you actually like walking into the room and smelling coffee.

You find yourself speaking "Dr. Seuss" at lunch, saying things like: "try them try them, you will like them," "You can eat it in your seat," "You can eat it with your doll," and so on.

You stop and smell an article of clothing hanging to dry EACH time you pass by it, just because you are dazzled by the smell of your fabric softener.

While finally getting ready for the day, at 3 P.M. or so, you catch yourself just before you end up squeezing toothpaste in your hand to put in your hair instead of gel.

You have depleted every drawer with hidden candy.

Your son, who you allowed to help your 2 year old go "stinky," comes to you beaming, with fingers held up to show you just what size it was, and you actually look excited rewarding both of them with food items.

You can't remember sleeping one whole night through. Ever.In.Your.Life.

You want to give yourself a manicure and you cannot remember exactly what your cuticle is and what on earth you are supposed to do with it.

The sound of the washer emptying is calming and relaxes you.

Just LOOKING at books you want to read makes you tired.

You wonder if leftover pumpkin roll in the freezer has sufficient nutritional content to serve as a side dish for dinner.

You, instead of correcting the leaning framed verse, just tilt your head to the side to read it better.

You hid your exercise DVD because of the immodest picture on it, now cannot find it to save your life, and pray that no one else finds it before you do.

You don't really even know what all goes on at a Spa, but know you need to spend a day there!


  1. HILARIOUS! The other day I wanted to cry when the water started to get cool waaaayyyy before I was ready to get out of the shower.

    And what about not being able to remember if you shampooed your hair, or maybe thinking you grabbed the conditioner instead and ending up washing your hair twice?

    About a week ago I almost put moisturizer on my toothbrush.

    I've even found myself dropping things on the floor on purpose while I'm cooking when I realize I'm having to wipe one foot off on top of the other every blessed time I take a step.

    And I really need to clean my toilets thoroughly SOON. I've brushed them out with a dry toilet brush way too many times lately because I'm too tired/lazy to go track down the toilet cleaner.

  2. I knew I needed a day at the spa when I bent over to pick something up off the ground, but while I was down there I looked around to see if there was anything else I could pick up before I actually stood all the way up!!!!

    Deena, You have no idea how much I enjoy reading your blogs. You inspire me to keep going so many days when it would just be so much easier to throw in the towel. (The problem is..I don't usually have enough clean towels to actually "throw one away" like that! :)
    Just wanted to thank you, and tell you that your family is on my weekly prayer list! Please pray for mine as Zach is going thru some rough health problems again. We are trusting the Lord. I know He has big things planned for Zach..it's his mommy's sanity that worries me! :)
    :) Love and prayers!!!!

  3. Hey guys! I LOVE hearing YOUR reasons why we ALL should have some R&R at the Spa! Chrystal, I am so glad to see you again after my facebook hiatus! Your comment greatly encouraged me and I will surely add you all to my Monday special needs prayer time. PLEASE keep me posted as to how Zach, and all of you are doin'. My email is joelanddeena@att.net. I send you and Sherri a huge hug!!

  4. I have ALWAYS wanted to go to the spa! If I ever get to go, Deena, I will take you with me!! I love to read your posts, Deena. I was just telling Tisa that you need to compile it all in a book. So glad that Chrystal was able to find her way back to your blog. Have a wonderful day.