Thursday, January 21, 2010

Revival in the Basement

Friends, we here on Haywood took the coming of a New Year rather seriously. We were even summoned to the basement while our kiddos preached a downright revival challenging us all as a family, and adding one more thing to look back on and smile.

Caleb opened the service, more smiling and pointing than anything, but we enjoyed every minute of it!

Isaac then had his turn preaching, challenging us to have faith in this New Year akin to the faith of Daniel. Gotta love our make shift pulpit which consisted of a kerosene heater, a book and a trophy!!

Abbs kept the spotlight because, of course, all basement services are held in the dark, are they not??? ;-)

The kids formed their own band, which oddly enough reminded me of Emit Otter's Jug band Christmas I saw when I was their age!

Isaac even had a violin, er, I mean a coat hanger solo with Abby conducting.

We thought it was sooo sweet that refreshments were offered and they said they DID also have some cheese for us.

We did eventually find out where the complementary cheese DID go...........

Joel thoroughly enjoyed the festivities, as did I!

They struck up the band with one last song......

.......And Anna closed the service!


  1. So sweet and creative! I'm glad you got pictures. You're much better at that than I am. Since almost nobody here knows I have a blog, I'm thinking about posting some pix of our Christmas program that I JUST came across this morning. Lots of other people's kids in them, so I really hesitate to post them, but are they ever C.U.T.E!

  2. Oh my goodness. Mrs. Royalty, I just love this. I miss them so much! I am always talking about you all, and miss you all more than I could ever say! Glad to see you are all still having fun! =]