Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Who knew????????

Ok ya'll get this breaking news:

Job came first.

Mmmhmmm, yeah.

Seriously am I always the LAST to know or what????

And..........by last I mean like 4,ooo years last to know.


Call me naive, call me plain ole' unstudious (I opted for this instead of dumb.) but I just found out on Sunday mornin' that Job was the first book of the Bible written.


From a man recently released from prison, sporting tattoos and way too many ear holes.


Guess for the 4 plus years he was in the pen he was completing course after course from Rock of Ages Prison ministry.

At the beginning of Sunday School I sat at the way end of the table in my freshly pressed outfit, eating my granola and blowing my nose with my cutsie packs of Kleenex trying not to smudge my Clinique. I made sure not to make eye contact with "Scary-just-out-of-prison-man."

At the end of the class I was scooted over next to this fella and just about had my arm around him and inviting him for dinner. I kept patting his arm and telling him how glad I was to have him in our class.

Ok so it takes me just a wee bit to warm up...


My now new best friend was telling me that he had a spare Chronological Bible he would "let me borrow next Sunday."


And I was COM-PLETE-LY tickled that he did NOT know I was the Assistant Pastor's Wifey and supposed to know all this stuff.

Well then again who says I am supposed to know it????

So, Instead of keeping anyone else in the dark I decided to get on here and tell anyone like me who did NOT know that Job comes first, that, well, it comes first.

(Ok Mr. M you can stop laughing now........"


  1. I L.O.V.E. Reese's Chronological Bible! I read it through in 2008 and started to for 2009. So many things that I wondered about just fell into place. Even the geneologies! I also love Rock of Ages Prison Ministries and I hope to have some sort of ministry through them myself one day.

  2. I have yet to warm up to our questionable visitor.

  3. hi deena! you just made my not so bright day, brighter. 3 posts to catch up on. that was fun. and yes i have switched from all caps to all lowercase.
    love you,