Thursday, June 4, 2009

Only Trust Him

Ps 42:5 Why art thou cast down, O my soul? and why art thou disquieted in me? hope thou in God: for I shall yet praise him for the help of his countenance.

For a few days I have wanted to sit down and dictate this story I read in one of my fav magazines, Keepers at Home. I know, I know, you are thinking, "Hello, you are on BED REST! How can you NOT find time to post?" Well believe it or not, any place can me a ministry of encouragement, and from the couch, bed and blue chair, I have been able to talk to people on the phone, or send notes of cheer or thanks, and for each person who stops by, (and there are many sometimes!!) my hearts prayer is to send them away more blessed than the blessing they are seeking to bestow. So...... time will fly by and I always wonder, "Where did this day go?"

This story means so very much to me, and will to you if you have had moments in your life where you felt God was silent. Read and reflect and gather what you need to for the trial you are in.

Listen to an old and beautiful story of how one Christian dreamed that she saw three others in prayer. As they knelt the Master drew near to them. As He approached the first of the three, He bent over her in tenderness and grace with sweetest music.
Leaving her, He came to the next, but only placed His hand upon her bowed head and gave her one look of loving approval.
The third woman He passed almost abruptly without stopping for a word or glance. The woman in her dream said to herself. How greatly He must love the first one, to the second He gave his approval, but none of the special demonstrations of love He gave the first. The third must have grieved Him deeply, for he gave her no word at all and not even a passing look.
I wonder what she has done and why He make so much difference between them? As she tried to account for the action of her Lord, He Himself stood by her and said, "O woman! How wrongly hast thou interpreted me."
"The first kneeling woman needs all the weight of my tenderness and care to keep her feet in my narrow way. She needs my love, thought and help evey moment of the day. Without it she would fail.
"The second has stronger faith and deeper love, and I can trust her to trust me however things may go and whatever people do.
"The third whom I seemed not to take notice and even to neglect, has faith and love of the finest quality and her I am training by quick and drastic processes for the highest and holiest service. She knows Me so intimately and trusts Me so utterly that she is independent of words or looks or any outward intimation of My approval. She is not dismayed nor discouraged by any circumstances through which I arrange that she shall pass. She trusts Me when sense and reason and every finer instinct of the natural heart would rebel--because she knows that I am working in her for eternity and that what I do, though she knows not the explanation now, she will understand hereafter.
I am silent in My love because I love beyond the power of words to express, or human hearts to understand and also for your sake that you may learn to love and trust Me."

"Why are thou cast down, O.....soul? ......I shall yet praise Him".....even for His silence.

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  1. That is so amazing! I continually run across that very verse in my devotions, even when I'm just trying to find where I left off. PLUS, I have a CD that I recently got called "God Meant It For Good" and there is a song based on this verse on there. That's what we listened to while we were in WI, and ever since. Over and over. Wow, based on all the reminders I've been getting lately, I don't think I quite fall into the latter category! :) Another amazing post, Deena. Thank you!