Saturday, June 27, 2009

My Wife- My Hero

I sit here in St. E's next to my wife's bed as she recovers from major abdominal surgery. The doctor was amazed at how difficult the surgery was. And as I sit here, I think back at the last 7 weeks. It started out much like today except that I was not with her today. An early morning awakening that something was wrong and finding that there was indeed. She spent the next week in the Hospital and then came home on bed rest. During this time Deena had to give herself shots twice a day in the stomach. This was the first time that I really began to look at her as something of a hero. She was willing to stick herself ----willingly---knowingly---in her stomach!!!! This is something that would be difficult/ impossible for me. She was willing to do all this to keep her baby and herself safe for just a little longer. It was right around here when I started calling her my hero. From then on our friends and family (and some that were our friends before they started watching our kiddos!!) Began the task of encouraging us and helping us and praying for us in unimaginable ways. God has used these dear folks to simply overwhelm us with his love. We are so blessed.
I was very careful to be close to home so that I could get home at a moments notice. Up until last night when we carefully planned to leave her at a dear friends home over night so that I could take the boys camping and canoeing with other men from our church. We had a great night camping lots of fun and relaxation and devotions! Ironically, this morning at 5am I awoke in my tent to a call from my wife telling me that she called an ambulance and she was going in to the hospital. According to her friend this morning Deena was the picture of grace under pressure. Of course this was our worst fear, to wake up and need to be rushed to the hospital and have a emergency C- Section. But My hero was brave and God gave amazing Grace right when she needed it, right down to having general anesthesia. Needless to say, God knows and he will work his plan, however, I have yet to see why he waited until I was an hour away to bring this about! Dad jumped in the car with me and we made the hour trip in about 40 mins, not seeing any police along the way!!
At 7:21am our third daughter and 6th child was born to us, albeit, under less than perfect circumstances. Again, my Hero was the picture of grace and courage as she endured the post op pains and procedures.

God has certainly been good to give me such an unselfish hero!! Deena endured alot the last 7 weeks which culminated in this very hard day for her. She teaches me the virtue of setting yourself aside ( and doing it gracefully) for the good of someone else.

And we have a very beautiful daughter to prove it.

PS. I know that there have been many others who have gone through this and much worse. This gives me a new appreciation for what some folks have gone through.

5lbs. 7 oz.
18 inches long
Praise the Lord!!!!!

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  1. Praise the Lord!! We have been praying and will continue to pray for Deena and little Alayna. I'm so glad to know Deena! Her posts are a real blessing-she's a sweet lady! God bless you both.