Friday, September 9, 2011

Butter Beans, Ball Blue Books and Blessings....

Today I am tired.

And thankful.

I am thankful for hands that can work, thumbs that heal from being burnt, a mind that can think and the stamina to face mounds of fruit that needs canning.

I am thankful for the apples, tomatoes, green beans and peaches that God has allowed us and the zillions of jars church folk have found in their basements and garages and graciously given to us.

I am a little put out that they did not offer to wash them.

All 100 plus jars.

I jest.

And while I wash jars and make simple syrup and sautee onions and search for more rings, I think of all that God has given to us through others.

It was the peaches from the worker who showed us hoards of boxes her employer was giving away for free. Good peaches, just small.

Too small to sell, but just right for canning.

Thank you Lord, you encourage me. YOU had us at the right place at the right time, with the right worker.

It was the chief from the fire station down the road who had a fireman drop off apples.

Beautiful apples and I mean bee-you-tee-full.

Just because he thought of us and our six kids.

Thank you Lord. YOU were thinking of us. Thank you for remembering me and my six kids and thank you for letting him stop by when my hair was half decent.

It was the neighbor who watched some hoodlums so I could run hoodlum number five to the ER for chin stitches and greeted me with dinner and delicious butter beans for a meal and then some. She also gave me swiss chard and lettuce enough for the feeding of the five thousand. We will use it for the feeding of the eight…..of us.

Thank you Lord! You gave me those. YOU knew that sweet husband forgot to grab veggies ( off of his list) when we split, each taking kids, to conquer the grocery store.

So tonight, my hands are sore. I find a new sticky spot on counters, elbows and floors each turn of the head. I dream of a tree that produces regular sized jar seals. I fear an earthquake breaking my 70 plus jars of saved produce, and the story of the man in the Bible who had to build bigger barns. I wonder if his wife canned…….

I laugh at things that are not funny and can be caught pretending to stir and staring out the kitchen window…..


I am thankful.

I am being fed by the mighty hand of the Creator of Earth.

Who loves me…..

Through others.

Who wants me to love others

Through Him.

Apparently with canned goods .



  1. So, I just collapsed in my chair after finishing the last canner-load of beans. I was going to plan out my Monday canning of apples and tomato sauce, but decided to take a break instead. I thought of you! So, now you know that you are not the only one elbow-deep in fruits and veggies with a shortage of rings.

    Love you!

  2. I guess I really need to learn to can! :) I remember my mom doing it when I was younger. Everything tasted so fabulous. You are doing a labor of love, Deena!!