Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Divine Appointments

It is late, I am ti-red, but I HAVE to jot this evening down for you all to hear about before I turn in for the night. Tonight was A-MA-ZING.......amazing, simple as that. And it all started with me choosing Isaac to go late night grocery shopping with me.

I had meant to get out earlier in the day, but you know how it goes....... with a Dr.'s appointment for your 5 month old who now has acquired pink eye, 2 of the rest of your chillins needing extra attention and you deciding mid-day that today you are going to do the "Once a Month" cooking thing and not only have to plan your menu according to what is on sale, but you have to also total up ALL of the bazillion ingredients that you need to prepare all 30 meals at the same time.... when you eventually DO get around to shopping! The day just whistles by and you know you have to get out and get the shopping done but you just don't want to. But alas, I peeled myself out of the blue chair....which by the way is on it's last spring, leg, whatever. Anyone want to start a "Lazy boy fund" for little ole' me raise your hand......

I chose Isaac for many reasons. 1. He is a hard, good worker. 2. Ok, so maybe I just chose him for one reason alone. When you do take Isaac anywhere for anything for any length of time you must be prepared to listen and listen and listen and then listen some more. Yes he is like me in that regard and yes I have called and thanked my own Mother for loving me even though I could talk the hind leg off a mule. So talk he did and listen I did, interjecting when possible the scripture in Proverbs which reminds us that wise people and people worth listening to are like a deep well. I look at Isaac to make sure this is sinking in and tell him that people who spill words everywhere usually don't really have much wisdom or much to listen to. It is those whom you have to draw words out of that are worth the listening. We create a "code" amongst ourselves. An action that I can do when around him to remind him to zip the lip without him being embarrassed by some less kind person asking him to "for goodness sake stop talking." No I refuse to describe to you what action it is that we covenanted together on. Besides, if I told you then I would have to kill you anyway. Back to the shopping trip....

We first high tail it out to Rulli Bros. which is a really neat and cheap meat and produce market. We have fun here trying to see how fast we can shop and consequently how far we can slide on the freshly waxed floor pushing the buggy. He wins. On our way out of the store a black lady remarks on what a help Isaac must be to me. I smile my usual smile at that kind of remark and give Isaac the usual "you know I love ya" pat on the shoulder for just such an occasion. After my things are loaded in the van Isaac takes it upon himself to help this woman with her things and then takes her cart back for her. This woman was SO excited by this gesture that she gave him a dollar, which we tried ample times to refuse. It was no use, this woman had some serious zeal and would not be disparaged the blessing of blessing us....and loudly at that. She kept yelling to me in the van how glad she was that I was training Isaac to be a man and teaching him that if he wanted money he had to earn it...and so on and so forth. The BEST part was upon us driving off. As we waved "Goodbye" she yelled to me,

"You are doin' such a good job you should......should just kiss yourself on the arm!"

And just so I would know persactly what she meant.....she showed me and kissed her own arm.

Man I love my life.

Isaac and I had never laughed so hard for so long, and we laugh a LOT so that is really saying something. On our way to the next store Isaac said something to me about how nice that lady was and how he will probably never meet someone that nice again. Our conversation then went something like this:

Me: Oh I bet we will meet someone again like that. The world is full of them.

Isaac: Yeah, but we will probably be too busy to run into them and talk to them.

Me: Well, the neat thing is that God has divine appointments for us. If it is His will, He will put people in our path to speak to or encourage in some way.

So on we went to Aldi's next which was just about to close. With me doing this "Once a Month" cooking thing our cart was a sight to behold. Both of us still had trouble maneuvering it and were almost giggling when we checked-out. We ended up being the last customer because we let a lady go ahead of our "leaning tower of canned goods," and so two checkers and us began to talk.

At first it was about nothing really. Then they began to open up to us and even weep over some real trials they were having. I just could not stand it. I encouraged them as the spirit would prompt and then I just threw tact out the window and bear hugged this perfect stranger while she held the drawer full of money to put away. I hugged her until she knew I really cared. We had such a wonderful time talking that I didn't want to leave. I wanted to press them about their salvation but did not have peace to do so. I left them a bit of God's wonderful love and feel led to go and see them again in a few days. Pray for that next meeting, would you?

THEN, we went to Wal-mart. We were just reveling in the fact that God had filled our night with amazing and funny stories when we pulled in the parking lot. As I parked I asked Isaac if he would pray that God would let us speak to someone else here, and so he prayed. We "Amened" and jumped out hoping to see a lady named "Shirley" who is a greeter whom we have basically adopted as family. I have been working with her, sowing seeds of God's love and mercy and cannot wait until we see a little sprout. We are close....so close. We didn't see her on the way in, but we saw her on the way out. We talked and laughed and I hugged her and told her that we loved her, and I do. Isaac in his Motherly cornball way said, "We Surely love you Shirley!" And we left thanking God for yet another appointment right AFTER we treated ourselves to a candy bar via the nice black woman. :)

As we pushed the cart out I looked Isaac square in the eye and asked him to remember something long after I am gone. I told him "Everyone needs love. Some a little and some a lot, but everyone needs it." He nodded and told me he would remember.

Then our last stop was Walgreens to pick up some things to help Dad and his terrible sore throat. While in the isle a hilarious Spanish Christmas song came on. Well that is the only way I can describe it! Isaac and I looked at each other and simultaneously broke out in what we call "Anna's jig." It involves sticking your tongue out a little and clasping your hands almost like you are praying and bobbing up and down.........yeah I can't explain it.....take my word for it, IT IS A HOOT. Whenever Anna feels the need to do her jig, she goes in my room and hides to do it and we all die laughing when we find her!!!!!!! So jig we did right there in the cold and flu isle.

I love my crazy life.

And I love the fact that Isaac and I are so much alike that we can "tag team talk" telling Dad all about the evening's episodes while unpacking groceries, each one picking up where the other left off!

Thank you God for our many divine appointments tonight!!! Isaac kissed me goodnight and said,

"So....next Tuesday then??" with a cute raised eyebrow.


  1. What fun and such a blessed precious memory! Enjoy them! God is soooo good! :o)

  2. i missed you.
    p.s. i enjoyed every word.

  3. I'm all about those late night trips to the grocery store. I would prefer to go early in the morning so that I don't have to drive these dark and lonely roads to get home, but alas, I rarely ever can make myself get up in time. The very idea of shopping first thing in the morning is enough to make me pull the covers up over my head and snuggle deeper into my bed. Shopping and me are not friends.

    Praise the Lord for good kids. Those first-borns bless the socks off me. Loved reading this, Deena!

  4. Mrs. Royalty, I cannot tell you how much this post meant to me. I have been so bummed and so discouraged about only getting to see my family this break for five days, and this post just reminded me that even while I am here in Seneca, there is still someone who I can help and be an encouragement to. Thanks bunches! Can't wait to see you all!!!