Tuesday, August 11, 2009

On a lighter note....

Guess what? I awoke to something wonderful......my good ole' sense of humor was back in the saddle and I am plum enjoying it. Thought I'd send you a laugh or two!

In the mornings we like to clean and do chores while we listen to music. Our favorite of all favorites is a CD called, "Get on Board," by the SMS Mens group. It is full of Negro-Spirituals and we just love the pep it puts in our step. I got looking at the song titles and thought to myself, "Well there you go! No wonder I love this CD, it mirrors my life here on Haywood!" Check it out for yourself:

Song #1- All Aboard! (applicable for any road trip, going to church or any shopping trip)

Song #4- They Got Eyes. (or.... my toy, my book, a bad attitude, etc)

Song #6- Mary Don't You Weep ( you can just about insert any one's name at any random moment here in our house!)

Song #7- Every Time I Feel the Spirit (Usually every time I feel the Spirit I feel for another object if you get my drift!)

Song #8- Little Innocent Lamb (Not a usual description, but once or so a year this does apply.)

Song #9- Count It Joy (May I suggest this one over a sink full of dishes???)

Song#10- Hush, Somebody's Callin' My Name (self-explanatory)

Song #12- My Lord What a Mornin' (again, self-explanatory)

Song #16- I Want to Be Ready (This is a popular song on Sunday's and Wednesdays for some reason...)

Song #19- Were You There? (This one is used in mid-kid-interrogation....)

Song #20- Praise the Lord (Perfect for anything and everything including finding the pacifier, Dad's paycheck and money in the couch)

I am sure at this point you are wondering where YOUR copy of this CD is, huh??? Yeah, without sounding like an infomercial, this CD really is a mainstay at our house. There really is little better for comic relief than watching your kiddos sweep the floor and do the dishes and hearing them singing out loud, "this train don't carry no gamblers, no hypocrites no midnight ramblers..." Gotta love it. Another ounce of humor surrounding this CD is song number 5, which is entitled, "A Poor Wayfarin' Stranger." It has to be the saddest song I know, and after hearing it at a funeral I have outlawed it. The kids even know to run to whatever is playing the CD and hit the "skip" to the next song!!


  1. I was positively HOWLING with laughter reading this. Oh my goodness. SO funny. :) Especially after I figured out what you meant on Song # 7. I'll have to add this to my wish list. ;)

    Still laughing......