Wednesday, May 13, 2009

A Bird's Eye View of my hilarious life...

I am up way too late missing my husband who is helping a man in our church get a side job done, and I got thinking of some of the hilarious moments my husband and I have shared.

One such memory involves a pine tree in our backyard. This tree is H.U.G.E. I cannot even guess at how huge it is. It is the biggest on our street towering over all of the other houses. Well, I was home and waiting on Joel and the kids and got the smart idea to climb that tree and make them all look for me when they arrived home.

I used to almost live in trees when I was younger so I used a ladder to get me to the nearest sturdy branch....see I told you it is huge, and kicked it over into the grass when I had reached my limb. With cell phone in hand I climbed and climbed and climbed over our barn and house. I found a good branch to rest on and dangle my feet just like I used to when I was little and enjoyed the view.

I will have the last laugh, I thought, and smiled a smile that can only be replicated by the Cheshire cat on Alice in Wonderland. I was having a time remembering days long gone by and how much fun I would have leaning back on a branch and watching the birds and wildflowers way off in the woods from my house growing up....when my memoirs were stunned by a noise.

A noise that didn't sound comforting. It was getting louder and louder and beginning to scare me half to death! It was a mother bird warning me that I was TOO close to her nest of babies.......and sure enough there was the nest.!

And here comes the Momma bird swooping in at me once, then twice, then again! I am batting this bird off with my phone, yelling at it trying to explain to this BIRD that I would not in a million years harm her kids and that I was too old and dumb to be climbing trees anyhow! (Did I ever mention that I tend to bare my soul when in an awkward or scary situation????) I called Joel and relayed the situation.

I was being attacked by a bird.....while in the pine tree...... at least 50 feet in the air~!

There was a pause.

Lo and behold here he came in the drive! The kids piled out of the car and began searching for me.....they couldn't even see me! I finally made my presence known, through shrieks at the bird, and they helped scare the bird long enough so I could shimmy down the tree to safety.

I think this still provokes laughter from my kids and husband and even makes me smile to think that I would want to climb a tree and hide from my family to make them look for me!

You know, I am glad I have a story like this one to remember with my kids. I am glad that I have inherent persnickety-ness that nothing, not even mounds of laundry can eliminate. I want my kids to have a good, fun, full life, with things to laugh at and remember.

The other day we went to Lowes to get some things and I finally remembered to get a new lamp shade for my lamp in the living room. Remember how awful and ripped it was?? Refer to previous posts if not. Well I got the "bright" idea to wear it home. Yes you heard me right, WEAR it home. Joel was driving and I in the front passenger seat WORE the lampshade all the ride home. The kids had a hoot watching the expressions from those parked next to us in traffic and even Joel doubled over a few times with uncontrollable laughter! It was great!

I love making memories. I love things like having one ten cent York Peppermint patty and trying to split it into 7 pieces so we all get a taste. I love having fun and realizing that my kids will not be little forever.

Well Hubby is home and I am off to bed finally!

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  1. You are so hilarious. :) Being goofy is what my mom does best. Unfortunately, my kids will have to be content with humdrum ole' me for the next year and a half or so. :(