Wednesday, December 18, 2013

A little "humbug" for Mom's

Here's a list of things I have done and left undone to get you to that stack of papers that need desperately to be graded, that sink full of dishes, or that laundry pile.....

With a crazy smile on your face.

1. I have worn my husband's pajama bottoms under my clothes for too many days to count. And I have worn them so long that I am actually believing that black plaid goes with everything.

2. I have eaten a whole container of cookies that were designated for some Little's stocking. Here's the long and short of it: I thought they were in the bag in the closet. They fell out. Technically they were unclaimed by a child until taken out of said stocking. I ate them. They were delicious. I will find a replacement.

3. I have picked presents out for myself this year. And even thanked the customer service folk a mite too much for shipping me my gift asap.

4. I have wrapped an item from Goodwill for someone I love. It's in great condition and it was less than a dollar.

5. I forgot I had a gift for one of the crew under my bed. It may have been there since we moved. A lovely surprise.

6. I've thrown a snowball out the window at my husband after coaxing him to look closer at the chimney for a supposed crack.

7. We were out of whites for two days. It wasn't pretty.

8. I have taught school so many days without doing my hair that when I did do my hair once in a week's time, the kids gathered around the bathroom door to find out what was up.

9. We have eaten celery as a snack like we are vegetarians lately. It was time to go shopping many moons ago.

10. Until the holiday rush is over, Cheez-its WILL stay on the nightstand. They are my new BFF.

Go friends, be free. Black plaid is the new "black."

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