Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A wonderful Morning Mix

An old friend came to see me a while back. And I mean old not in the sense of years old, but years weathered with me. She left her navy zip up hooded sweater and I um, have been borrowing it ever since.

I know I know, I should give it back.

But I tell myself that when she returns my copy of “Fireproof” I will.

Not really.

I secretly want to keep it until it is threadbare because each time I put it on, usually during long and difficult mornings, I see it as a wonderful hug from her.

Am I the only person who would refuse to send a sweater back because it acted as a hug?

Surely not………. Right?

Anyway, I am up at six with the latest of the stomach flu recipients.

Who just happens to be my husband, poor thing. Who is supposed to be heading out the door to work.

He has called in sick and I am making him as comfortable as I can and I unplug the Christmas tree who’s lights were twinkling in his scrunched up face.

And I leave to the kitchen and decide that I am amazingly awake and might as well make the kids some baked oatmeal because my Inner Martha Stewart does appear sometimes.


I mix and catch amazing glimpses of snow flakes and cars roll past and I decide this would be a good morning for some time with the Lord.

I head upstairs to grab my blue zip up…. Well, almost mine… and wanting to keep everything dark for my husband, I grab a small little taper candle and holder that I was using as decoration.

This will be fun! Devos by candlelight? Perfect.

I love how God works.

When I ran upstairs to grab the sweater and Bible, the Lord reminded me of the Bible study two friends and I purchased a few weeks back.

So I grabbed it too and thought, yes, this would be a great time to start this!

And as only the Lord could orchestrate it, the first part of the book is regarding the authors account of the Lord meeting with her one bright morning. I read and take breaks to smooth the hair of my husband when he tosses and turns with my cold hand on a very warm forehead.

The little candle next to my book and Bible is such a cheery little thing and I wonder why I haven’t done this sooner. I will have to remind Joel to be sure to catch another stomach virus again soon.

I jest.

And I read and sigh and steal sips of hot tea and wonder that God would wake me to spend time with Him.



And he knows that the kids nustled in their beds warm and snuggly and hot tea and the sun barely rising mixes up to make a time with Him more wonderful than Christmas morning to a two year old.

And He is so right.

He knows I would have just retrieved the beloved blue sweater from cleaning the girls room the day before after it being awol for weeks on my wall in my bedroom.

He knows I have a thing about seeing the sunrise, though not sleeping well does not afford me the luxury of enjoying them often.

He knows that I have almost a cup exactly of applesauce and that I learned somewhere that you can substitute it for oil in a recipe and brings all of this back to mind as I mix and stir and try to make baked oatmeal for six hungry bellies. He also reminds me of that forgotten bag of mixed berries in the pantry to add just because He is all about the details.

How do I not fall in love with Him over and over and over again.

And I read some more and cool a forehead some more and stop and see that the sun has just come up.

And I do mean just.

I slip into the livingroom and sit on the window seat indian style and enjoy it.

And I do enjoy it and the Lord reveals some things to me from what I have just read and He even shows me that the Christmas tree by the window was so bright, that if I had left it plugged in, I would have missed the beauty of the sunrise with Him.


So today I will enjoy.

I will leave the tree unplugged perhaps.

I will see God’s goodness in baked oatmeal with pure maple syrup running over it and over chins and over tables and chairs perhaps.

I will pray over a husband sick and use this time to see how many ways we can bless his socks off today. Not literally of course because his feet are freezing if I do say so….

I will fold laundry in my blue sweater, which you all will pinky swear that you will not tell my friend I still have, and will feel hugged all day.

I will enjoy being snowed in and will ask God to show me something else miraculous from the pantry to fill 6 bellies for lunch and dinner…. He seems to be handy in that department.

I will read some more and pray over dishes and cool a forehead and in everything I will give thanks to Him who loved me enough to wake me to see the sunrise with Him.

And fall in love with Him all over again.

What are you doing today, friend?


  1. I love you,Deena!! I love sitting here, reading your blog, and realizing that I'm not the only crazy coot who sees God's work in parking spaces, and hidden food, and stolen sweaters (yes, I have one too, from my brother, and occasionally my hubby's).

  2. love you right back Becky! God is in everything shouting His love to us. Oh that we would only hear it all day every day!