Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A Sweet Surprise Party

Sweet Mary T and I threw a fun surprise party for Tammy last night and I wanted you all to see some of the fun we had! Thank you to all who were vital in us all enjoying way too much amazing food and sooo many great stories!

Ain't it fine when things are going
Topsy-turvy and askew
To discover someone showing
Good old-fashioned faith in you?

Ain't it good when life seems dreary
And your hopes about to end,
Just to feel the handclasp cherry
Of a fine old loyal friend?

Gosh! one fellow to another
Means a lot from day to day,
Seems we're living for each other
In a friendly sort of way.

When a smile or cheerful greetin'
Means so much to fellows sore,
Seems we ought to keep repeatin'
Smiles an' praises more an' more.
~ Edgar A. Guest

I must experience that cheesecake again before the Lord's return....and what is affectionately known as "Amy's Dip," is heavenly, simple as that. We learned a some very important lessons last night:

1. Chickens CAN survive not being fed and watered for TWO DAYS...
2. Two women with black shirts on CAN IN NO WAY, SHAPE OR FORM stand beside each other to take a friendly picture.

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha........

What a wonderful time we had together. Old friends ARE the BEST FRIENDS.
Love to you all!

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