Thursday, September 24, 2009

Fun, Friends, and new Family Pics!

Recently we have had some wonderful visits with friends and thought we would show you all some of those pics. It is fun to have the little ole' house on Haywood packed to the max with everyone laughing and enjoying eachother and the smell of pumpkin chip cookies.

Our sweet friends Jeff and Traci

Jeff and Traci and their cute kiddos, Mackenzie and Elliot

Anna hangin' out waiting to feed the fish!

The kiddos posin so cute.....

Love these boys of ours.....

Jeff snapped a sweet pic of us...thanks Jeff!

and another sweet pic of Traci and I!

This is how we found Jeff after he was nice enough to
let Traci and I slip out for a shopping spree!!

My adorably sweet friend Tam whom I would do anything in the world for!

Yep. We sure are cute.

The gang! Mrs. T, Tam, Me and Mary E! (You don't
mind if I call you you Mary?? :)

So thankful for friends!!! Love 'em all!


  1. Looks like fun! Can't wait 'till it's my turn to see you all again. I love being able to see all your pix. It almost makes it seem like I don't live far away at all. Welcome back to the "neighborhood". =)

  2. You can call me Mary E! Oh, Deena, I had so much fun that day! It was so nice to visit and meet Alayna! I enjoyed it thoroughly! You and your family were such a blessing! Love, Mary

  3. Deena...Where is the ever so famous "rose picture"?! THAT one was a masterpiece!