Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve Rememberances

It is Christmas Eve, mid-day, and I am sitting in the corner blue chair which is almost too broken to use, but I love it because it is a gift from my friend Debbie, and somehow I just want to be in it because she gave it to me. I love gifts from her. I am still in my p.j.'s, ahh the blessing of vacation. I am sipping hot tea, and sharing my bagel with Anna who is half sitting on my shoulder and half on the arm of the chair, feeling the silky part of her beena (blankie) and sucking on her paci. We are warm and snuggly in the blanket that was Joel's when he was little, and I am hoping that nothing peaks her interest for awhile so we can stay this way for as long as possible. We share each morning like this when I read my Bible and I love it. Isaac is vacuuming, Abby is finishing up the breakfast dishes, Caleb and Nathan are half-cleaning and half telling me what they each would like for their next birthday. It is a day filled with the blessing of ordinary things, which in reality are extra-ordinary gifts to us from God.

10 years ago this morning I went out for a very special breakfast. A nervously handsome young man drove me to Jumers, a Castle looking hotel and resturant, with his parents accompaning. The bagel wasn't toasted, the orange juice never came, the eggs were over easy and not scrambled with cheese, and who could forget the high-back booth seat that leaned forward or backward whenever the person on the opposite side leaned forward to take a bite! Ahh the memories. Then it was a stroll through the castle, to a red velvet couch in a cold drafty lobby, in front of a fireplace with, unfortunately no fire in it. It was dim yet we could see the Hotel Maid as she came and had us lift our feet while on the couch as she vacuumed under them! Romantic? Very. No one I ever knew had gotten engaged over breakfast. Ever. Well there's a first time for everything.

Because I like to have some things that are just for my enjoyment and memory I will not tell you each and every detail. I WILL tell you that what transacted in that lobby was a solemn committment. It was the beginning of a life-long adventure, one that still keeps us laughing, praying, loving and enjoying every crazy minute of it. The imperfect surroundings remind us that we too are imperfect, yet you can make the best of any situation, and you can bring out the best in an imperfect person, faithfully loving them day after day for 10 years solid.

I would say yes to Him a thousand times again, and in a very real way I do each and every day. I did today, "Yes I will be your wife," I will take care of your little hoolagins who keep me hopping, spanking, loving, and praying. I will make your home a haven, a place like none on this earth where we can come and hide from the whole world. I will make your favorite meal more than once a year, and set the table like your Mother always did so that we can have sweet times around the dinner table like you had when you were growing up. I have not forgotten what I meant in that power-packed word, "yes."

Thank you for asking me. I still say "yes.""Us" enjoying some entertainment "grandpa" style

Self portrait of us at Christmas Eve Service, ten years ago.
She is still beautiful and fun!!!


  1. I thank the Lord for you Sweetheart. You truly have taught me what it means to love the way that God loves us. Reading I Corinthians 13 everyday during our engagement really paid off.

    I Love You now more than I did back then!! (Can you imagine???)


  2. That is so sweet! I'm so happy for you guys. :)

    God is sooooo good!

  3. Awwww....Deena. That is so sweet! If the Lord has been able to use me to be an encouragement to you....I am SO glad! :-) I'm praying for you, friend.
    I love you!