Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Remains of the Day

High flying adventure
My side...

His side.

My scribble.....

Our amazing kite!


  1. I enjoy looking at all the pictures! :)

    Hey, what are your plans for the "Music; Deena's Music" section at the bottom of the page?

    BTW ~ If you want to get rid of the excess line spacing in your posts, go into your post "html" (instead of "compose")and get rid of all the "div" abbreviations. If you simply push the "enter" button in html mode, you can double space without the "div"'s showing up. :)

  2. We just took a look! Keep it up!

  3. thank you!!! I so needed the fun and joy you just shared. God is sooo good. Joel/Deena you are so very refreshing!